I think he’s got the better part of the deal mate :+1:


I like fettling, so it’s a win-win! :grinning:


I’ve bought new v-brake pads plus a few other bits and bobs to put on the Klein but some of the outer cables especially running into the brake levers look shot.

I don’t know whether to just put it away in the loft and get a full rebuild and replace anything that need it early next year. :thinking:


Decent bike shop should sell you cable outers by the metre.

Measure your brake cables end-to-end and ask your local shop to sell you the right lengths of outer, along with new inner cables, plus ferrules etc.


I’m not confident enough to replace cables and would almost certainly fuck something up.:grinning:


Yeah, brakes are quite useful, so maybe let someone else do it. :laughing:



Thanks mate seems like a lot of effort for a couple of commutes but hey all the miles count don’t they, so I’ll prolly give that a go :wink:


Yeah…but they still count if they’re not on Strava… :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:


Might be useful for local meatmen to follow this thread. The chap does the highly worthwhile, but not lucrative, task of restoring some lovely vintage frames as fixies for the road.


Pretty sure he’s legit, though the shop is on the edge of the area that doesn’t have a great reputation. Sure he’d keep an eye open for serial numbers.


I can confirm he’s legit :+1:


Romain Bardet posted a training ride on Strava on Sat, ‘juste avant Le Match’…

16,562 ft of climbing, 118 miles. Galibier, Col du Telegraphe etc.
And 18 mph average speed.

These climbing boys really do put the work in.


Looks like The Marmotte in reverse, was supposed to be doing it this weekend :disappointed_relieved: We were targeting 6.30 for the official time or about 7hrs with the Glandon decent which the Fondo neutralises, his ride was gentle training! He’d knock 30 mins to an hour off that if they were racing :exploding_head:


Looks like he was doing a sighter for the back half of Stage 12. Would suggest he’s thinking to try something? Why would he Telegraphe that?


Ostrich Rando bag newly installed.


Trouble with Strava it does rather ‘telegraph’ your tactics. I’m now going to check out stage 12. Yes I think it was Marmotte en revers, basically.

Is it worth setting up a separate TDF thread on here?



This weather is magic


Aye. Stunning evening last night for a 50 miler. Pre-ride nutrition was a pack of biscuits and an espresso. Meatball pizza and a can of coke mid-ride.