Quality Scottish cycling nutrition right there :+1:


I have ride envy, bigtime.


Looks stunning, very envious, … riding round Richmond Park today and it was so hot that the deer have taken to lying in the shade of the trees but with their heads half over the kerb into the road - a couple of times I nearly rode over their heads, they are so well camouflaged.

Weird warm times.


I love seeing deer roaming about - we saw a huge stag on Arran which was very well camouflaged until it started running.

Weird warm times indeed Ben.

I can’t rememeber that last time we had such a long unbroken sunny spell in the West of Scotland. We’ve only had a couple of rainy days since the second week in May !! We went from six months of freezing weather to almost unbroken warm sunny weather for seven weeks.

Not that I’m complaining - it’ll be the memory of all our sunnysummer rides that will keep us going when winter arrives again in October :grinning:


Too right Allan treasure these times

  • I’m out again tomorrow for a spectacular and hilly ride…to Croydon.

Them’s the Breaks :pensive:


Was it deep fried?


First run out on the Klein after changing the tyres, saddle, brake blocks, narrowing the handlebars and sticking some clipless pedals on.

Feels a much better riding position after a few small tweeks to the saddle height and slamming the stem however it needs a total overhaul. The BB and rear axle feel shot so I think I might as well go the whole hog and get a new groupset and get the wheels rebuilt. Not sure what to do about the forks yet.

The nice thing about riding an mtb again is it forces you to slow down a bit - a very pleasant 10 miler today.


Those are pretty good forks Allan, if they’ve been looked after there’s many a mile left in them. Plenty of gravel around you’re way even if you’re not looking to ride offroad. If the wheels are from that era they’re very likely serviceable. At that point the question becomes how high is the quote as there are plenty of decent enough wheels around for a couple of hundred or so. BB is easy but you need the correct tools


Pleasant couple of hours on the folder this evening out of Wool (Dorset), on my Lopwell extension trip. Mostly minor roads, with some dirt tracks (?surplus tank training roads?). Front and rear sus on the bike so it takes a bit of rough.


I’m trying to ignore the upgraditis itch Dan :grinning:

The plan for it is just to enjoy some pootling about but definately no serious off-road stuff so being sensible for once I’ll replace only what’s needed.

There is some fluid build up on the left fork arm so they defo need servicing. I’ll replace the braking system for my own peace of mind as they have seen better days. Actually the wheels are pretty decent but the hubs need serviced.


You partial to a bit of rough then Dave :grinning:


Le Tour starts today.
Froome and Co heckled loudly at the pre race presentation yesterday.
Hoping he gets treated fairly in the mountains (no piss throwing antics again etc).


If Froome makes it to the end unscathed I’ll be very surprised Phil.


He’s taken the piss so folks are just giving it back…:wink:


He’s the Neymar of the peloton


Not a good day at the office for the Froome-dog; Gaviria looks the ticket day one.

It’s gonna be good :grinning:


It didn’t do him much harm in the Giro so I think he’ll be ok. He was lucky tho’

I much prefer it when the tour starts with some proper racing as opposed to that prologue pish. Plenty of action and spills - they are certifiable


Agree; a proper race stage to start is the best. And such a strong field this year…

That Craddock story puts all my whinges about aches and pains into perspective.

Can’t wait for the mountains and especially Annecy, just because I love, love that place :heart_eyes:


Annecy - Annecy Semnoz is where I done 2013 L’Etape Du Tour and the reason I bought my first road bike in 2012. I have a lot of reasons to be grateful to the place but the main reason is that it is an almost magical place to ride a bike. :heart_eyes:

My early morning ride half-way around Lake Annecy the day before the L’Etape was the most enjoyable bike ride I’ve ever had. :heart_eyes:


This woman who I follow on YouTube I find very engaging, does some big rides and is about to do the Etape from Annecy