It’s not just the average for the whole stage though, it’s even more about where in the stage you are. When I raced in the north east and sometimes in some of the Scottish national series races from 60 to 100 miles if it was flat the average for the whole race would be 20 to 22 mphish, sometimes a little faster depending on terrain, distance and how many hitters were riding. Used to be knackered at the end. At TdF they cruise at that speed until the final hour and then all hell breaks loose so the average shoots up in the final hour.


These guys are fucking mental

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow - I fully expect Froome to be in yellow tomorrow night.


You think he is going to ride over a minute off G’s wheel?

When the support riders are there for both?

Nah. Not a chance.


I never said he could - I think team orders will come into it.


I have no idea what team order could put Froome ahead!?
G is in yellow so he will hardly be asked to bury himself on the front in a final turn for Chris.

It won’t be anything to do with orders. Froome may try and ride off the front Giro style, but G won’t be told not to follow.

I’m not sure quite what you are imagining to be honest?


How much does G have left in the tank? Has CF been keeping something back for the last week? All will be revealed!


I’ll read that as a well, maybe… On the flat stages. :+1:


The way the start is arranged today will make it very interesting. Riders go out in waves according to GC standing. This means that Froome and G will not have the Sky support riders alongside, at the beginning anyway. G will no doubt be attacked from the off so he will have to have the legs today and will have Froome alongside. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to imagine that if G blows then Froome might do something outrageous, he is possibly the best climber in the world on his day and look at how he came into form in the Giro. The start and the length of the stage will also mean that normal tactics go out the window.

All to play for.


Give it half an hour and the bunch will be all back together.
Not sure it will be quite the fireworks they hope for.


Not unexpected. I didn’t think this stage would be more than a curiosity to be honest. I suspect many hoped it would shake things up, but the professionalism of the teams and plans has removed the real ability to spring a surprise.
Power meters and radios tend to make sure the gaps are down to having the legs at the end, and the pace Sky sets leaves little to hit out with.

The only suprised was that it was Froome who faded.
I didn’t expect G to lose anything significant in relation to time.
He just has to get through Friday without popping, which should be relatively within his grasp given the team he has.

Given it’s downhill to the finish the task is made even more easy. Just a bad accident or mistake is the worst fear for the top riders now.


Yes, a surprise that it was Froome who cracked. Just goes to show how hard it is to ride right at the front two grand tours in a row, unless you look at the bad old days when the speeds were also a lot higher.


Bloody hell !


I sort of did the same thing, playing football.
Broke it about 30 mins in, and played for another 45 mins. Only went to A&E the next morning to find out. As soon as they drained the water off, there was no pain at all. Just the pain of 6 weeks in full leg plaster.


No stats, but I feel that Froome struggles on the steeper gradients where you need that explosive power occasionally, whereas on the longer alpine climbs he just grinds and wins.

G was highly impressive and has that zip on the steep bits - Froome helped him by stringing Dumoulin out as well. Theoretically simples for G now, with Froome as his domestique;)

Word up for Dan Martin too - what a rider he is.

Quintana is a funny fish - they let him go today but he looks like he is on a Sunday afternoon ride on these brutal climbs, can’t understand why he doesn’t do better than he does.


It was good to see Froome front up and declare his commitment to getting Big G to Paris in yellow. I want to see him bury himself on Friday, so come the end of the tour he can honestly say he did his best to help his friend and teammate.


After yesterday’s comedy of errors, Froomey just needs to visit the local blacksmith overnight to complete the story. :grinning:


Tomorrows stage should be a cracker, my best guess.

There’d still be a desire within the Sky bosses to see Froome equal the records with a 5th title but does he have the legs?

I reckon he’ll have a crack on the Tourmalet and try and break TD, G will be told to mark TD. Having ridden in the area I expect the climbs suit CF, long and steady just like the descents, if he were to ride like he did at the Giro he could do it. He’d have to put a fair bit of time into G to ensure coming out on top after the TT so it could rather depend on how TD goes. I’d be surprised to see TD go away from G without incident though G like his buddy Porte is renowned for terrible luck…

Would love to see G do it so here’s hoping CF doesn’t have the legs for it tomorrow!


Would be nice to see Froome try to get up the road which would make Dumoulin and Roglic have to chase, thereby allowing G and the Sky team to have an “easier” day.


I’ve done all the mountains for tomorrow (not at once!) and it’s a long day.

But the aubisque isn’t too bad at the top and it’s a downhill finish so I can’t see any surprises that will make a major difference.

Froome won’t go up the road! GC riders aren’t given the chance no matter who they are. They get chased back.


Oh, I don’t expect him to go up the road, I said it would be nice to see him “try”. I don’t expect him to even try though as that would put his own position on gc under threat.
More likely that Roglic will attack I think.