I’ve started following some of the riders on Strava during the TdF - mind boggling levels of fitness tbh


I said 3-1 to .France


A couple of hours riding the trails around the top of the Mendips. It was very hot! Midday sun etc.


Top TDF race on the cobbles today, loved the chaos - Devenkolb great but sad to see Richie Porte out, talk about bad luck. Dan Martin epic ride and the G looking as cool as ever. Froome looked like he was glad to be over the first week.


Did a ~90 mile, fairly hilly ride on Sunday with a mate. Great weather and stunning route- pleased that I could manage it , but was totally fucked afterwards…sore all over the same day!!

Continuing this years theme of scientific and meticulously chosen ride nutrition, I did it on water (not enough) and two cafe stops, a piece of carrot cake and a coffee at one, an ice cream cone at the other. Only stopped for an ice cream to get more water because it was hot and I only had one 500ml bottle because all my other bottles turned out to be mouldy when I dug them out of the cupboard. Was all fine until I melted at 80 miles and had to steal my friends malt loaf to get moving again :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t know if any of you use this

It’s gives some very detail analysis of routes via Stava and can be used for multiple sports. It’s quite interesting in a Statto type of way


What a fantastic stage in the TdF today. Chapeau!


Right good wasn’t it.


G is looking very strong after two amazing stage wins.

That’s the first time I’ve seen Froome fail to make a break count - a good thing for the race so it doesn’t become a Sky procession to Paris.


Oh yes what a stage, I hope G can go on and win it, top,top bloke. Self effacing.

I’m a quiet fan of Bardet too and I’m glad he was in the mix.

Dumoulin - immense talent but super-ego i.e annoying.

Love the TDF!!


If you look through the replies there is a video that shows Nibali was knocked off his bike by spectators - the initial reprorts said it was a police motorbike.

While I’m not a fan of Froome or Sky, the treatment of their riders today was absolutely disgraceful. Apparently they were spat on numerous times, loads of verbal abuse and Froome was physically abused as well.

There is some serious questions need answered about rider safety now especially since there is still over a week of the race left.

There should also be serious questions asked about the behaviour of Hinault prior the the tour - he basically stoked the fire and now riders are getting verbally and physically abused because of it.

I genuinely think it’s only a matter of time before a rider is killed by spectators given the utter stupidity on show today.


Yep, one guy was shown on ITV attacking Froome - appalling. Alcohol was banned too, but it didn’t seem to make much difference to some, keen to make a point.


Some of the footage and pics are unbelievable also these fucknuggets with the flares should be arrested.


Good vid on upcoming stage 17 of TDF

Col de Portet looks amazing, looking forward to this :grinning:



No most of us mere mortals can’t keep up with the pros.

But could you draft with them? Poll?


Could you draft with the pros?

  • Yes. Easy-peasy.

  • Well, maybe…

  • No. I tell the truth.

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There’s a couple of meatmen I think could manage it for a while - I’m not one of them mind you :grinning:


I did the round Lake Geneva race last year - 180km and flat in 4 hours 57, an average of about 35km/h. In a peloton the whole way and exhausted at the end.
The average speed on today’s 200-odd km mountain stage in the TDF was over 40 km/h…
So that’d be a no then :sunglasses:


Plus pepper spray, that would have done for me; retire and off to the nearest cafe for a glass of :wine_glass: or three after that shit :smirk:

Good race today though 70K descents on wet-dry roads sets apart the men from the boys.

Tomorrow looks epic, an over-used word, but entirely justified based on the Stage profile.

I hope G bosses it but Dumoulin looks threatening.