Tidy, mun.


Top effort, strongest guy left in the race won, wasn’t the favourite but he deserved his win. Genuine emotion at the end, Welshman to Welshman. Dreams coming true and all, don’t think DB in his wildest dreams thought he’d get a Welshman to the top of the podium during his career. Job done.

Both CF & TD were stuffed as a result of the Giro, not a fan of Nib’s but he’s been known to throw a spanner in during the last week. Shame he was taken out as it may have added some spice.

I expect all the big guns will give the Giro a miss next year and it’ll be game on.

In the meantime, well done G and Sky


Got to hand it to both of those lads. TD finished 2nd in the Giro and TdF and CF won the Giro and podium in TDF. They must be fecked at this stage.


Well done to G - the pent-up emotion was palpable, such a genuine guy.

He is so going to enjoy his bike ride tomorrow afternoon :tada::blush:


A tremendous effort and a real triumph if he’s managed to win as a non asthmatic.


A couple of pics from the Euro TT today

Some obligatory bike porn


Stunning bikes, could do with one of those as a spare in the shed :wink:


That Canyon Speedmax is something else but the Bianchi Oltre looks just steals it for me :heart_eyes:


Rode out from Loch Tay to Bridge of Balgie and back this morning, lovely hilly ride with fantastic scenery, but a cold, howling headwind didn’t help on the climb back up. No Strava yet as not uploading to my phone and no signal here anyhoo.


Can’t be without the obligatory headwind up here Ben - not allowed. Lovely part of the country :+1:


Some nice cycling over your way @spacehopper :+1:

Failed attempt at the 5 ferries route on Saturday- managed to get to Wemyss bay in good time to hammer it down the coast road into a headwind to Ardrossan, only to find out that the ramp in the ferry was bust and they couldn’t get any cars or bikes on board…

So…slogged back up the coast road, thankfully with a tailwind but busier and less pleasant by that point, and caught the ferry over to Bute for a relaxed afternoon exploring. Significantly less hilly than the planned route but some fantastic views over to Arran and the Cowal peninsula. Nice lunch in Rothesay and overall we felt we’d made a success of the day. Saw porpoises on the ferry over which was nice :+1: Did close to 80 miles but 40 of that was on the busy coast road… :stuck_out_tongue:


Really enjoying cycling with Hel these last few months. We’ve had some great rides out together and she pushes me further and faster than I would go myself.

Hel has just done 100 miles off-road in a week for the first time (I only did about 50 :blush:). I put this in part down to her much longer legs and slow twitch muscles, but any which way you look at it, she’s a much better cyclist than me by a mile.


Make your mind up - you just said 50! :grin:


Did some of that off road cycling the other day. Round the New Forest. Lovely it was. Lots of trees n stuff. Rented bikes from Brockenhurst and cycled over towards Burley and back. There were some ponies too. And some cows.


That’s a pity you couldn’t do the Five Ferries as it’s a great day out.

I get a bit blase sometimes about the cycling around here as I’m so used to it but your right There is some outstanding routes on the Cowal peninsula as you’ll find out if you do the Ferries again. :+1:


Back from Florida and back on the bike.
The nights are drawing in and its getting harder to go out for rides after work.
I’ve just invested in a Wahoo turbo trainer and Zwift. Should hopefully keep me going for a while.
I’ll still keep riding at the weekends. I have a couple of sportives booked for October for starters.

I’m also looking to upgrade my rather average bike (2009 Fuji Roubaix Pro) soon.
The Canyon Ultimate/Endurace originally sprang to mind, but I’m really interested in the Mason Cycles Resolution 2 (steel) and Definition 2 (aluminium) now. The finish looks exquisite, should be comfortable and more durable than carbon too. I hope to check the Canyon and Mason bikes out at the NEC show later this month. Does anyone have any views on a good bike for sportives, training etc. Disc brakes/Ultegra - budget to £3.5k?


Trek Domane, Spec Roubaix. Or just go visit 23C in Stony Stratford, and have a look at the very pretty bikes. They do a lovely cup of coffee btw.


Think they sell Bianchi IIRC?
My friend used to cycle for their shop team.


I will shortly be selling my Van Nicholas Chinook (50cm frame) as I just don’t use it.

I will likely split it and sell in bits Not many people ride a frame that size!

It has a decent spec, and has been used sparingly!

Easton EC90 fork
Chris King headset
Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset
Ultegra 6700 drivetrain & brifters, with compact crankset
Dura Ace 7900 brake calipers
Van Nicholas Ti stem (90mm), Ti seatpost (in-line) & Ti seat clamp
Control Tech Carbon Comp bars
Van Nicholas saddle
Schwalbe Ultremo DD 23mm tyres