At that price- custom made-to-measure steel (or titanium) bike (carbon forks) :+1:


Time Fluidity.
I’ve got the Izon from two years ago - they’re beautiful to ride & beautiful to look at. And made in France :+1::clipperton_island:


Aye. Pretty bikes yet Bianchis.
Tbh recommending a bike is very difficult. Depends on what sort of geometry suits. I need summat a bit high at the front due my complete lack of flexibility. So I have a Trek Domane 56cm. I also have a Colnago C40HP with a 62cm frame as the geometry suits.
Probably best just going to a shop you like and trying what they have. Get it fitted and a nice saddle that doesn’t make yer lovely bum sore.


I’m looking at a Trek Domane for next year, maybe this


Hel dragged me out yesterday evening for her routine daily 20 miler to Kinver and back. She thrashed me hard on the way out and so 10 miles in I frankly have nothing left.

So on the way back she very untypically takes it easy and asks me to take a sprint in the segment on Strava that she wants to beat. So I absolutely go for it and pedal at full beans for about 30-40 seconds before having to back off because I can’t keep it up, and then slowed to a stop after the 3rd bridge - turns out I stopped 20 yds short of the segment end :man_facepalming: She was not happy!

Thighs are wasted this morning - coming down stairs is slightly painful :grimacing:


Not been out on the bike, other than going to work, since the 21st of August.

I can’t seem to find the energy which is bad as my mate wants to do our last big run of the year on the 3rd of October (weather permitting) which will likely be a monster.


I’m pretty much the same at the moment. Only the 10-mile each way commute 3-4 days a week is holding off the hypertension, morbid obesity and creeping insanity.


Sounds about right Gareth :grinning:

I’m having real second thoughts about this big run as it’ll likely be over 130 miles and when we done the same route last year (albeit a slight variation) I was done in for weeks after it.

Plus my job has now become very tiring since they introduced a new work routine and I think it’s having a detrimental effect on my cycling.

Basically I want you all to say your a mentalist don’t do it Allan :grinning:


My experience is that 100+ miles takes it out of you, no matter how easy you’re able to take it.

I’m reluctantly skipping my longer ride next week because I have to focus on an interview presentation.


Claud Butler Saxon Twintube 1956. (Short Wheelbase)


I bought a couple of these from Planet X - great lightweight and comfortable helmet at a superb price

limited sizes and colours now but well worth a punt at the price :+1:


'Nother drug cheat won summat.

From Bury though. So it is okay.


GB drug cheats better than whole of the rest of the world drug cheats yay :grin:


View from the top of the hill after cycling through Lincomb to Holt Fleet (Worcestershire).



£3.5k can get something real nice, in particular this time of year as the shops ditch ‘last years’ stock

The job is knowing what type of thing you’re after as there’s so much out there now.

However if you’re comfortable with what you’re riding now find out the the geometry in particular stack and reach and compare that to some of the bikes you’re interested in. Messing with what you’re used too and not uncomfortable with can quickly make you very uncomfortable.

The Fuji appears to be a fairly standard road bike geometry, assuming that’s okay the briefest look around would put you in the realms of these cracking bikes (don’t know what size you are so just examples)

The light weight

The aero

Good as the TCR disc is I’d favour Dura Ace and calipers

Canyon are great value and likewise the other German direct to consumer brands like Rose are a good bet if you’ve enough knowledge to sort out small niggles if they arrive with a problem, poorly adjusted gears, brakes and the like. No need to shop around and you know you’re getting good value and usually reasonable back up albeit at a distance.

Local bike shops are well worth a look as they’re usually looking to sell off kit this time of year and cash is king. Decent shops do tend to look after customers these days so if it’s ease of purchase with back up they’re still a good way to go.

If you’re happy building yourself you can often nail even bigger bargains

£450-600 for Ultegra 6800 or 8000 complete groupset leaves £1k + for wheels and finishing kit, That should get you a similar bike to that which they’re selling complete but with a much better set of wheels and choice of finishing kit. This one isn’t disc but you get the picture

Tons of places to look.

Excuse the rant, happiness is a budget for a bike build/purchase :grin:

Best of luck with it


When I was in Cycle Republic at Canary Wharf the other week they had this on special offer of about £2,400 - a beauty in the flesh


Canyon has an end of season sale on.

I do like the Fairlight bikes too


Thanks for the recommendations chaps.
I’m off to the bike show next Friday for a proper look at what’s out there.
I’m going to book a Retul bike fit soon. I think it’ll be worthwhile. Not only to get in the correct position on my current bike, but also to help my choice of a new model next Spring.


Nice 3.5 hours out on the hardtail this morning. Trails dry and grippy. Legs not completely blown away tonight.