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Does anyone know what type of paint is best to coat the render on inside of builders opening?

I’m thinking perhaps an exterior one due to heat once I can actually be arsed to drag the stove into it ?


Google found me this thread https://community.screwfix.com/threads/high-temp-paint.91261/ the last-but-one post has an answer. They reckon emulsion should be good to 70C. Outdoor masonry paint must be able to survive on rendered walls in a suntrap (ours get too hot to touch at this time of year, so that’s over 50C). It survives well below freezing too.


I’ve heard Vaseline mentioned in some quarters where builders openings require protection!

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A tip from me is that the title of the thread should be donutery, not dounutery (sic).

Fuckin muppet.



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Thanks Graeme. However standards dictate that I will never ever look at the screwfix online forum.

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I suggest scratch and sniff paint for your builders orifice.


You’re welcome Stuart. I feel the same about mumsnet. And Facebook.


We used to use 50/50 parafin grease on folks legs but it fell out of fashion because it’s flammable and the dear old folk practically live on top of gas fires in the winter

Oh Phil, you are lovely :kissing_heart:

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I was chatting recently to a German engineer who worked on designing the heat protective tiling inside these massive chimneys that have to stand huge temperature.s. because of a mistake in this tiling they lost the entire inside of the chimney because the heat breached the tiles. Cost the company millions

shock horror German engineer makes mistake!

If we’re going to do national stereotyping we might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb :grin:.


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Anyone know a good authentic recipe for Georgian render?

Hmm, I need to sort the render on mine (which is Victorian rather than Georgian), I have a feeling that it will be fiddly and expensive.

A couple of good articles here
and here

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ah he did not make the mistake apparently , it happened because of a communication breakdown i believe

Having read through the sites Gregg kindly linked to and finding a few more it sounds like a massive ball ache. As mine is only patching a few damaged areas I might just call in a man to inhale through his teeth a lot and do the job with polyfilla while I’m at the shop buying his choice of biscuit.


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