D.I.Y. dounutery

What is Dounutery? The spelling troubles me, is it Scotch?

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Someone needs to do something about this thread title. Please.

It’s a thing of beauty. Leave it alone.


We shall dounothing :grin:


You’re a bunch of fucking dounuts

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That, and the failed deletion attempt, has made me sad…

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Surprised @MGOwner hasn’t consolidated it into the local news thread or such. He’s off his game today. (Fortunately for the forum)

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He is probably planning the workflow involved in sorting out all the new DIY turntable stuff into a single thread (in the wrong section). Either that or performing an OH&S inspection on the Safety Barbie, because you can never, ever be too safe.


meh to your sadness…:smirk:

You and your doppelgänger, always trying to cheer me up…

Anyone know their way around a sliding sash window frame? Either side of the centre rail on the frame there is a piece of wood inserted into it. They are about a ft long and 1/2an inch wide and have clearly been in and out a few times as the surrounding wood is gouged ( although now thick with paint). I’m thinking their purpose is to hold the centre in place and their removal facilitates the removal of the centre rail so the top sash can be removed, is this correct?

Are they there to give you access to the sash weights ? These counterbalance the window casements and run up and down in boxes which are part of the frame sides. The counterbalancing is the reason it’s so easy to slide the windows up and down, and it’s also why they stay where you leave them. Every so often the sash cord wears out and has to be replaced and at that point you need access to the weights so you can tie a new piece of cord on.


Yes I did wonder about that. The opening seems narrow for that but I guess it could be done.
Edit… the thing is I can’t ant find any reference to them on any heritage window sites that give dissection diagrams of the frames and their components yet every frame in the house has them both sides.

Yes.They should be just tapped in by hammer and not fixed

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Cheers Stu, so if I clear them of paint they should ease out?

Should do,we used to run a stanley down each side to break the paint seal,then use mole grips and try and pull a bit out at a time.Or tap a chisel in from the side and prise it out a bit at a time,don’t start to close to the end if you try this.
JB might know a better way

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Yes, They’re called parting beads. :+1:

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Chippy speak that is.

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Ok, thanks chaps but I sense confusion, I,m not referring to the centre bead that runs down the frame between the two windows. If you look closely either side of that beading on the actual frame there is a rectangular section that has a cut out and a piece of wood reinserted, VB spotted them. :nerd_face:

Ah, yes Graeme was right, they are the removable covers that give access to the box containing the weights.