Dadsnet advice - electric screwdrivers

I’m looking for a cordless screwdriver that will be powerful enough to put screws into a wall. Knowing nothing about the kind of power required, does anyone know if a basic one like this would be sufficient?

I don’t really want to spend a lot if it can be helped, as it’s only going to get occasional use.

Thanks in advance!

I have an older version of this. Quite powerful for the small battery. Very good IMO.

I bought this one and found the quality good. Seemed plenty powerful enough for most jobs.

Get a lithium battery one. Worth the extra to avoid charge issues.

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I’ve found cheap elec screw drivers to be crap. Much better off with a cordless drill / driver with variable speed and torque.


I gave up with the little electric screwdrivers (I think I had about 3 of them), as I found them too weedy. I now tend to use my cordless Ryobi drill/driver or Ryabi impact driver. Occasionally the cordless stuff prove too big to fight in a tight spot, then a revert to a hand operated ratchet screwdriver

Brill, thanks everyone. Of course I’d love one of these badboys…

But its a bit overkill…

Probably a few times over price,but i’d go for something like this.
They do come up at ITS and B&Q now and then at £79 - £89

Yeah, Makita are my go to for drills in particular. The FiL has a whole range or Ryobi gear and all the batteries failed really quickly. He loves using my Makita though when he’s over here!

I got a Ryobi cordless drill a few months ago and also works well as a screwdriver

my Ryobi one-plus ones have been very reliable for diy purposes. Their brushless drill/driver is great,

Top tips for screwing into walls;

Make sure you drill the correct diameter hole for the appropriate size rawlplug, so that it is a snug fit in the hole.

Drill the hole slightly deeper than the length of the plug (use a bit of tape wrapped around the drill as a depth guage)

Using the proposed screw and a hammer, tap the rawlplug into the hole so that the top is recessed a few millimetres below the surface of the wall.

Use a lubricant on the thread when screwing home the screw - grease, oil, butter, even spit will do.

Do all of the above, and you will achieve a great fixing :ok_hand:


I’ve not heard this bit before, what exactly is it achieving (just for my own edification)?

If you have selected the correct drill, rawlplug and screw size, then a reasonable amount of force will be required to turn the screw, particularly the last few turns. Using a lubricant just makes everything smoother/easier.


Thanks again, and for the top tip @Jim

What makes the Makita/Ryobi better than the Bosch? Just more versatile/reliable?

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^^^ this

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I suspect at price point most of these things are much of a muchness. Of course there are the brands the pro’s use for day in day out robustness.

I’ve been using the Ryobi One-plus stuff for about 6+ years and all the stuff in the range has proved (for my DIY use) very reliable.

Especially as i have never seen an SDS screw driver

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I have one of these, albeit with the single battery

I strongly recommend getting one with a lithium battery, and the Ni-Cd ones always die and then you’re left with a perfectly good drill that is completely useless, as the batteries cost more than a replacement.

The Bosch thing is drill, driver and hammer drill, and works really well. I have a big monster SDS hammer drill, but haven’t used it in years as the Bosch is enough.