Deep fat fryer, which fat/oil?

I’m fucking sick and tired of soggy oven baked onion bhajis, samosas, spring rolls and shitty oven chips, etc, etc, etc.

So I’ve bought an Aldi deep fat fryer, which Claire will go ballistic over when I sneak it into the kitchen when she’s away over the weekend, but it’ll be too late when she notices…

Head says rapeseed oil, but heart (well, maybe not) says dripping or lard.

Is there a problem using solid fats in an electric deep fat fryer?

Either way you’ve shortened your life expectancy :grimacing:


Rapeseed oil is excellent- the smoke point is really high and it can be infused with other things for flavour.


Beef dripping.

No substitutes are acceptable.



I think you should experiment with rapeseed and dripping blends. Start with a 1:4 ratio, and post your results here. Expect the temperature control of your new device to be mocked relentlessly.


I once shared a house with a Glasweigan who lived on a diet of salt, cigarettes lard and whisky.

When he moved in to the house he bought in a deep fat frier, filled it with lard and deep fried every meal. I don’t think he ever chaged the lard, just added another block from time to time.

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Hasn’t the healthy/unhealthy fats thing been completely debunked now? Apparently fat in the diet (as usual, in moderation) is absolutely necessary for good heath and it matters little whether it’s derived from animals or plants.
It only becomes unhealthy when fats are processed to benefit the food industry - like hydrogenation.

for chips yes, onion bhajis no

What recipe you using?

What would I you fry chicken lollipops in?

Asking for @Jim


And no doubt my chip preparation methods too.

Found a wonderfully faffy Heston method that requires them to be boiled, chilled in the freezer for at least an hour, then lightly fried and then back into the freezer for another hour then a final fry, but best chips ever apparently.

It won’t be used daily, probably once or twice a week once the novelty wears off.

Meh, I demand a frying fat blind tasting test :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

None at the moment due to lack of a suitable cooking receptacle. So we get those crappy ones you do in the oven. :frowning_face:

I’m not allowed a chip pan, because of a teeny weeny tiny little fire years and years ago.


Meh - chip faff. Haven’t you got a local chippy? Or a Costco where you can buy Aunt Bessie’s oven chips in catering packs, which are fab?

As to oil - Mobilect 39 gets my vote.


Huh, wimmin eh?

You have one life-threatening conflagration and it’s all “ooh, health and safety” :angry: