Don’t suppose anyone on here’s a dentist? Looking for an impartial opinion on something dentistry-related (I. e. from someone who doesn’t stand to make a lot of money from my decision)

Have you asked Stu?

nope . is he a dentist?

I’m no use,I hate the gits,never trust anyone who wants to pull out teeth for a living

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Ha. Are you a dentist? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just had some work done, did I mention it?


Sadly not,last time I went the pistols were just about to split up

Yeah :thumbs: This isn’t in the same league :stuck_out_tongue:

One tooth’s a goner. Dentist pushing for implant as best option long-term. Arguments make sense but sceptical when someone stands to make so much money (which I don’t really have, although it won’t put us on the street). A bridge risks another tooth which is a bit of a cripple, and the other tooth that would be used for the bridge is in pretty much as-new condition (all the other teeth make fun of it for being a swot)

I still have to have a couple of implants and other stuff. Bridges would have been too much of a compromise for the same reason you have. I think implants are the way long term, if you break one another crown can be screwed in.

Probably…but so much money :frowning: The thought of having to clean under a bridge doesn’t particularly appeal either.

(I appreciate that 3 grand for an implant almost certainly pales compared to your work)

Yes, 3.5k each roughly :flushed: I have a friend in the tailoring trade that did his in Goa. I think he saved about 2/3 of the price and had a couple of lovely holidays too.

I’ve just been told implants would be an idea x2 (At £2K a pop) if I want to be able to chew on both sides. A handy monthly payment plan was offered 0% over 12 months. I sense no fun in this spend and detect a distinct whiff of pain may be involved in screwing stuff into the jawbone.
Shopping about in Hungary, S.Africa or Thailand for a dentistry ‘holiday’ is an option but then again I’m not so sure I want to have to deal with operations in the back of beyond.
… Misspent youth is biting back

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Yes, not exactly pleasant, I have had the synthetic bone graft for one of mine done already but to be honest I have had so much extreme stuff done since, it now seems like a walk in the park!

He’s offering half the cost of the crown that failed as a discount… Not sure if there’s more scope to haggle :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried this, cash in hand after hours. He looked at me like I was quite deplorable, I didn’t take offense - He was right.


So you reckon no then? :stuck_out_tongue:

I see through you

Maybe you should kidnap him and force him to listen to Skando death metal through a pair of Focals, After a few hours he’ll do anything to make it stop. :dart:

So…is the conclusion that although the cost stings, an implant is the best way forward?

Yes, as any other treatment will mean that in the end you’ll have implants.

Apparently in 20+ years time we’ll be able to re-grow teeth, but probably too late for you.