Diet and Fitness


Back under the bar. Third week in this week. Trying to do some higher reps. Going ok at the moment and less sore today than this time last week.


So at the moment each week I am:

Running 12 miles: 6 mile run at easy pace, 3 mile at easy/ moderate and 3 miles with high intensity intervals

Cycling 75-85 miles: 50 mile ride at a easy/ moderate pace (with 1 or 2 harder bursts) and the rest is 5 mile commutes

Walking 13-23 miles: depending whether I walk or bike to work on Friday

This leaves weekends completely free and doesn’t eat into family time at all. Written down, this looks like a reasonable amount of exercise to do each week and I am ready for a couple of days rest by Friday. My running seems to be improving too.

If you do an activity once a week, it’s not enough to improve because any fitness gains are lost by the following week, right? If I’m only doing one cycling session a week that’s enough to give a fitness stimulus, but I am running on 3 days- will my cycling improve?


Where do you get the week to lose fitness gains? If its cardio fitness then 2-3 weeks is a good rule of thumb.

I would expect some transfer of running strength and fitness into your cycling. My own running has meant that getting on a bike after 2 years I’ve been able to keep up with my wife who cycles 3 times a week.


It was more losing cycling specific “leg strength” (power?) that I was wondering about. I’m not concerned, just curious.

I was sure my legs would be fucked today after running yesterday on top of Tuesday’s ride, both of which were harder than intended, but they feel good today! How easily I can cycle to work easily is my measure of cycling freshness and felt really good this morning.


Leg strength fades much more slowly. I’d think 6-8 weeks is where you would expect power to begin reduce through inactivity.


Yesterday: I’m surprised I feel as fresh as I do, maybe I will be up for intervals on Friday. I wonder what would happen if I went for a 20 mile hilly cycle on the single speed. Friday: feel fucked maybe I shouldn’t do intervals. Did intervals.

Now I’m sick.



Intervals were better yesterday though, despite having overdone it a bit. Times were more consistent and no drop off in speed over each interval. 0.5 mile 3 min 11 sec, 3.12 and 3.22.


Actually my legs feel surprisingly ok today- better than yesterday morning before the intervals in fact


It’s not called Delayed Onset … for nothing!

Good running :+1:


After a 30 mile ride yesterday I thought I’d treat myself to a gentle jog in the summer sun today :man_facepalming:.

What a plum, longest 5 miles of my life in sweltering heat along the Severn. All my inside moisture ended up outside.

Needed hosing down in the garden when I got back to drop my body temp :laughing:


Lol, I’ve had this week off. Mainly because of alcohol the other day mind.

Raring to go for tomorrow night though.


Skipped my run today because I was off for the bank holiday. I think I’ll drop my moderate 5k and shift the 10k I would have done today to Wednesday. Looks like a nice evening for a 50 miler tomorrow.


Didn’t really feel up to it but forced myself to do the half mile intervals- 3.11, 3.14 and 3.13 today :+1: Happy with that because my time didn’t drop off over the 3 intervals and my average time was quicker than my average last week.

10k on Wed was a touch faster with a slightly lower average heart rate- 10.24/mile


Got work travel and social stuff on next week so I’m going to have a “recovery” week and pig out a bit (a lot) :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably keep my Tues and Thurs rides, drop the 10k and intervals and do one or two 5k easy runs, probably just 1


A bit of a break due to not being able to handle my drink but squatted again just now.

Trying to do a higher, for me, rep range.

Can hardly walk


15-20 rep squats sets = manly :+1:


As well as building up my cycling miles I went out for a 5k run last night.

Legs are taking a hammering whilst I can’t lift until my cranky elbow recovers.


I did 20, 10, 10 but only with 60kg

It was hard for me, mainly my lungs/breathing but the stairs proved my legs had been worked. I’m going to build up slowly from here.


I’m also eating one meal a day, been doing it for four weeks now, although that went out the window when I was drinking.

Will see how it goes but feeling good currently.


Well done. One set of 20 saps the body and crushes your willpower, I’ve had to be very motivated to do another set within 2-3 mins and to get to 20 you’ll have to pause at the top and gulp air into your lungs.

Look forward to the DOMS :laughing: