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That bodyweight circuit certainly gets heart rate and breathing up! PIssing with sweat.

Should I add another round or increase reps first? Was thinking I’d do another week at least without changing anything.


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That’s a Stronzetto bodyweight circuit


Probably needed another hour or two to be properly slow cooked throughout.


Some good ideas here -


Flung a few weights around today in an attempt to create some kind of form and consistency. Elbows holding up which is so far so good.


What does it comprise?


I made it up myself though :stuck_out_tongue: it’s also partly designed on the basis of specific things the physio has told me to do (the single leg bridges). I plan to introduce pull ups before too long, and kettlebells eventually.


Couple of recommendations if you fancy varying your circuit above -

  • Replace plank (useless tbh) with something like lying figure of 8s, or reverse crunches
  • Replace superman with burpees (you really can’t have a circuit without burpees, its the law!)

My own circuit is usually something like this -

  1. Squat (hands forward) * 8
  2. Press up * 8
  3. Burpees * 8
  4. Chin ups * 4
  5. KB swing * 12

3 rounds with 1 minute in between (or 30 seconds if I’m feeling masochistic)

Use this as a warm up or finisher for weights session.


Morning run for 3.4 miles.


Did my bodyweight circuit but 3 rounds. Dying.

Not done anything, other than commuting by bike, since karate last Friday


Did it again today…possibly a bit soon. Slow on last round. Will have a couple of days off before I go again.

@crimsondonkey plan is to vary once I’ve been doing this for a good few weeks so definitely looking for variations. As I suspected would be the case, chin ups are a bit easier (I can do a couple now :P) and plan to introduce those after a while as well. Kettlebells too.

Walking before I run.


Nice. You’ll soon have a back like Steve Reeves :slightly_smiling_face:. To help up the reps there’s lots of ideas but doing straight arm scapular pulls is a great accessory exercise to take the load off the biceps :muscle:

The sooner you get chins and KBs into your routine the better.


Managed a run in the morning and a bike ride with Hel in the evening yesterday. Much sweat :sweat_smile:


Like this?


That’s the one.


Only managed my bodyweight circuit once this week, today. I do feel like there’s been progress. I’ll aim to do it 2-3 times a week until the end of August and maybe start increasing reps in a week or so.


Ok- definite progress :smiley:

Before I started the bodyweight circuit I couldn’t do the one-arm press in the link below with a 12kg kettlebell- even a single good form rep. This is the lightest one we own so I thought I was going to have to fork out for a few lighter ones. Now, I can do 8+ with the 12kg (I stopped at 8 because I thought that was the number of reps in that workout, but I just noticed it’s only 5 per side for this exercise)


In fact, I can do them with the 16kg now as well :+1:

Thinking I might actually do one kettlebell workout a week after the end of this month- i.e. replace one of my circuit days.


Maybe I should start doing negatives and the scapular pull up?