Diet and Fitness


Yep. If you can do one pull up you can likely do 2 chin ups, so mix em up.

Scap pulls are also a good warm up so I’d do those first.

I’d then do a pull up or two if you can squeeze both out in good form.

Then I’d try one pull up every 2 mins (do other work in between like KB swings or core work etc)

Then try chins and get some assistance from your biceps.

Then finish off with some sets of controlled negs.

Get ready for DOMS!


Is this the sound you make as it comes back up, or are they on to something here?


Karate last night, same class as my son. Love it. :+1:

Ordered this


Nice one, it’s a great sport to do with your kids. I did Shukokai and later some Kung fu and mixed martial arts in my 30s. Great fun but only about 20% useful in a real fight without rules :grimacing:


Yep, agreed. I did Kempo Dan as a lad (after watching Bruce Lee movies). It is fantastic for core strength as well as upper body and aerobic workouts.
The mental strength required shouldn’t be underestimated either.


I have no intention of getting into a real fight :+1:


Solid week this week, have managed a run, ride or lift weights each day.

Obviously wifey thinks I really ought to get back to a 4/5 day per week contract :roll_eyes:


Well done! I aim for 5/7 at the moment- happy with 4/7. Going for a run with a friend tomorrow morning so will hit 5/7 this week :+1:


Run with a friend this morning in the pissing rain. Not run with him before but conversational pace the same for both of us, so worked well :+1:


Off for a bike ride with Hel so will get slaughtered up hills I can’t cope with :grimacing:


I’ve secured a charity place for the 2019 London Marathon…shit.

I ran it in 2017 in a disappointing time of 4.13. Hoping to get below 4 hours this time, but I’m two years older and have a constant niggle in my left knee. The biggest challenge is being fit enough to make it on to the start line after 4 months of training. This will be the fourth marathon I’ve been entered for but of the previous 3, London 2017 was the only one I made it through the training without getting injured. London 2016 was particularly upsetting as I got injured 2 weeks before the race. I had done all the hard work in training but got shin splints during the taper period!

As tough as the training is, I really love the discipline a marathon campaign requires. Bring it on!


2 mile run to pick up bike from bike shop and forced myself to do my bodyweight circuit just now. Did it, but really not feeling it. Perhaps a bit bored, might try the kettlebell workout on Thurs. Muscles might have still been a bit tired from karate on Friday as well.


Decent session today, squat form is starting to come back and the weights going up in a straight line. Soon be back in the full rack.

Finished the workout with a Farmers Walk with 80 pound dumbbell in each hand, fuuuck - that gets the blood pumping!


I did this workout last night

I did it with a 12kg kettlebell, not a 16kg. Last set was hard, so no way I could have managed a 16

I felt it most in my forearms- got a proper climbing-like ‘pump’ in them.

Quite enjoyed it though… :+1:


Good workout to get used to handling KBs.

Things like the snatch technique are good to learn properly, as it’s notorious for banging up forearms.


The mobility drills at the bottom of this page are neatly collected together so worth posting. Good for loosening up hips and back in the morning.


It felt like it would be complimentary to the circuit I’ve been doing, which mainly focuses on legs and core- this was definitely more of an upper body workout

So- I’ll plan on doing my bodyweight circuit on Monday, the KB one on Thurs and karate Friday- that should do it for general strength and conditioning I reckon


Point 2 is interesting!


Yep bodyweight movements are king for supplementary strength.


I can definitely feel that I got a workout, but not too sore today- I don’t appear to have hurt myself :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I’ll be a lot sorer tomorrow- I expected to be sore.