Diet and Fitness


Ah well, a new milestone met, I have now lost one whole RMShipbastid, that’s 60lbs in old money.

Getting from the 20 stone to the 19 stone region was a right ball ache, took forever. Once down pat 19st10 it started to gain a bit of momentum, now 18st10. Average is now running at about 8ilb/month and will no doubt slow down a bit more. 32 to go and I will be merely overweight.


That’s a coincidence - I nearly hit that milestone today myself my total loss to date has been 27.1kg - 59.7lb
You started quite a while after me - Brilliantly done.


2 mile swim late last night, I was the only one in the pool for the last 45 mins so managed to convince the 12 year old attendant to turn the lights down. Best swim ever.

Between some fairly aggressive stretching and the swim my calves have finally unclenched after Sunday’s run, thank heavens.


Having seen the difference it makes to run with other people I’m going to sign up to do park runs here -


I fancy that too, unfortunately the one near me clashes with the kids rugby classes on Saturday :frowning:


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Lunch run, with someone else setting the pace (!) felt quite hilly and a lot of it was offroad/muddy

Heart rate looks ok based on this? Average is somewhere between steady and half marathon pace

According to that table…for a 5k my average heart rate should be 198bpm!


Now I really want to go do a flat run at the same intensity and see what speed I do

Should i be running at a lower intensity than this? I don’t really have a feel for that

@Adpully you seem to be consistently running at ~130bpm? Do you know what your max heart rate is?


Here is my data - I used the Wiki how calculator for my V0 max initially which gave me 165 - Then looked at some prior fit-bit readings. I revised it up to 175 because I had very decent looking evidence from fit-bit showing some 175 plus figures
I am just starting to use the running for fitness heart rate zone calculator - See attached spreadsheet
At the moment The largest proportion of my running is currently in between Z2 and Z3 - I know I need to explore some Z4

Currently I am averaging 134-136 bpm for three x nine minute miles on a flat course

I really need running watch now - The fit-bit and mapmyrun combo is a good start but makes it a little difficult to sort out my “in run” progress on pace and HR

FYI I have just subscribed to the white Horse 1/2 Marathon in early April 2018.

My limited understanding is that about 75% of activities should be in aerobic and 25% anaerobic.
Even factoring in the age difference It looks to me as if I have a much more cautious approach than Nam ?


It’s a step back from using a bamboo barbell with KB’s suspended in the same way. The vibrations mean that very little load feels like a tonne.



First run after the big one and totally set out too fast, whacked my heart rate up and then never recovered!


Nearly made it home this time :smiley:


For those of you who have made progress on the third world squat, another all round mobility and strength movement is the Cossack squat - especially good for those with limited strength and mobility in your ankles.


Today I am looking forward to attempting the very hilly Ascott-Under-Wychwood 10K.
I expect a slow time but to complete an official 10K will be something of a milestone.

Update: I finished in a much better time than I thought was possible for me - 62m 7s - Very pleased indeed.
Average BPM was 157 and a few peaks of 178 - I must have pushed myself - Photo of me at 7.7K only one of them behind overtook me - Mrs 635

Here is my BPM graph for the run


Good luck dude :clap::clap::clap:


Upper body yesterday and feeling it today.

Chins,bench press, ring press, ring pulls, shoulder press.


Was at a gymnastics competition on Saturday, watching my niece. Want some rings myself after watching some really young lads.


It’s a young mans game, believe me.


I know but I still want to try a little on them, you know how it is when you imagine you’d be able to do at least the easiest thing…until you try it!


Slow run nursing a sore calf.