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How do you breastfeed a cow whilst running?


A little run out today - 5 miles hillyish cross country @ 9mins 26 secs per mile. I have reduced my time for this route by over three minutes this month. I have registered for another 10K (a flat one this time) on December 10th and hoping to shave a fair chunk of time off from my prior best 10K effort.

Update: My diet is now fully complete and after nine months hard effort I now weigh 12 stone and half a pound and have a BMI of 24.6. Next up is to improve my stamina and to help that I will probably join a gym.


I couldn’t get out for a ride last weekend so went for a ~7k run along the canal by us (so pan flat). Until the end of the year, I’m going to try and run ~30 mins/ 5k, 3 times a week with 1-2 days rest in between and back off on the cycling, since I can’t really count on doing that consistently other than my commute. Will be disciplined and run at easy pace to build up conditioning.

Got out of the habit of push ups- but can still do 3x10 with 1 min rest so still better than I started the year with. Did another couple of sets of 10 to make 50. Can still do a couple of chin ups but lost strength there too.

Fighting off a looming stress spiral at the moment for various reasons, so ending the year in better fitness than i started this year, and not getting as fat as I did last winter is my main goal at the moment. Appetite and willpower pretty shit at the moment, but still on the same belt hole for now :wink: Need to get it in check.

Struggling a bit with knowing what gear I need to wear for running in different temperatures. When i was in Canada i knew exactly what I needed to wear for all temps down to -10 but that was ~10 years ago.

I wondered whether I’d still be able to do a 2 hour ride last night given that I’d ran on Sat and Mon. Short answer- no. Ended up having to make an emergency stop at a fucking McDonalds for a hot chocolate and a small pack of fries. Going to try and go bouldering or climbing with a mate next Tues evening, since I generally have Tues evening free to do something- something different but still active.



Ugh, massive hamstring DOMS from upping volume on deadlifts. Oh the fucking pain :sob:


Despite saying i wasn’t going to “train” and I was just going to run, curiosity got the better of me and I wore my heart rate monitor on my run this morning- an attempt at a steady/long run. Felt pretty good and pace held steady relative to my heart rate for the full distance which I think is a good thing. It’s along a canal, so very flat. That’s the 3rd run this week, and not felt any muscle soreness of note

Training zones above are calculated for me, not general

I’m resolutely not going to get hung up on “performance” but is that a reasonable pace for a very flat route?


Looks pretty good to me - 9 min/ mile is a good pace, but the fact you’re at 165bpm means that its well within your fitness level and you’re coasting. Good stuff. 4 miles at that pace and I’d definitely be sore the next day!


Thanks- that base training article recommends a run like that, and fartlek run- the group run I do at work is reasonably hilly so probably ticks the fartlek box, so I think gradually extending my flat steady run, and doing the group run (+ another ~5k run at a steady pace) is probably a good way to build up conditioning and progress gently?


Ignore me I just fucking injure myself all the time trying to run :man_facepalming: :roll_eyes:.

The don’t try to add more than 10% rule to distance and/ or speed from run to run is worth following though if you want to build up gently without risking injury.


Well…I’m already a bit concerned I’m doing more than I should be i.e. just because I can run 4 miles at that heart rate, maybe I shouldn’t be.


Why are you concerned? Your fitness carried over from cycling is serving you well. If you’re not sore, and your heart rate is in zone 2 then its all good.


I guess because I have in my mind that it takes time for ligaments and tendons to build up conditioning, so perhaps the carry over of fitness from cycling carries a risk of injury

I’m not overly concerned- I’ve built up steadily and have run once or twice consistently for the last couple of months, and built up distance, and that was off the back of a lot of walking over the year.

I am also moderating my pace- and I think following those base training principles should help mitigate risk of injury

I want to loosely follow this base training consistently for a couple of months- then go all out on a 5k and see how fast I can do it :stuck_out_tongue:

My cycling is total poop at the moment for some reason. Leading the club ride on Sunday and don’t feel up to the pace…


Understand. But you’re running 3x per week and not getting sore, so as long as you don’t suddenly start trying to run 8 miles at your 4 mile pace, or trying to run 6 days per week, you should cope fine. Stick to the 10% rule and your body will adapt okay.


Had a short 2 mile run today largely to test out the calf and also to try to shake off the hammy DOMS.

Will be trying out a new weights routine this week too - 3x full body workouts (ABA), 12-15 rep range, fast tempo and more set volume.


did 50 push ups 5 sets of 10. trying to get back into the habit


Wow that’s impressive - way more volume than when you started :+1::clap::clap::clap:


Decent session in the gym this morning after a 5 day break due to work travel. Full set of heavy exercises and still managed 25 bw dips at the end to burn out.
A few days off every 3ish weeks is probably a good idea for me moving foward.


Keep toying with getting some dipping bars at home, ideally I’d like a pair that you can hide under/ behind sofa like the rest of my gear.


I did the first 3 sets with 1 min rest then another couple of sets later on


Pleasantly surprised this morning. Was a tad apprehensive about leading the club ride…I’ve not really been feeling great on the bike recently and it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a longer ride. Plus, felt a cold threatening yesterday, so I’d lined up someone to take over if I really wasn’t up to it. No problem in the end, and did a decent amount of time at the front :+1:

Did 50 push ups too