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I thought that sounded great Mark. :+1:


Me too. Full sounding & colourful. Lovely job.


@simonms and I completed his phono stage. Circuit is BTJ-9000 LCR and Simon made some gunmetal chicken coops. Very shiny and gorgeous!

Ryan Adams sounding fab!


Lovely :slightly_smiling_face: ! Did you have to damp the metal casing with anything to suppress resonances and any resulting microphonic feedback ?



Lol, it weighs 35kg (without internals), I think it’ll be fine!


Hope Simon won’t shoot me for saying I prefer my case…beauty/beholder etc…


When I he does can I have the Panamera?


You’ll have to ask Ann nicely…:wink:


Big Ben weighs 13.7 tons but it still rings like a very ringy thing :grin:.

There’s a good deal more tin used in the bronze for bells than in the bronze for guns though, and gun bronze also has a bit of zinc in which gives it the grey colour. Maybe it’s dissipative enough to be effectively dead.



I think big be gets hit quite hard, though.


Think of what @coco could build inside of that! :drooling_face:


I can imagine your inspiration guys






Very reasonably priced though…


Chair bases from china - real class from the heart


Will do. Can you let me have an email address please?


Look like boxing gloves to me



Dinner jacket Pocket rocket?