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Was listening to that system this afternoon, epic! :grin:


Help/advice needed please. I have a Denon CEOL RCD-N8 for kitchen use, it’s an all in one amp, CDP, tuner, Streamer etc. It works perfectly for an hour or two, then it powers itsel off and won’t power up again until it’s been left unplugged from the mains fo half an hour or so. Any ideas?


Factory reset?



Thanks Stu, I will give it a go.


Sounds like thermal limiting. May be getting too hot. Is is sitting so it has a bit of air flow? Have you cleaned it out?
Might be full of dust.


Oh dear, it just occurred to me :thinking: The sleep timer had somehow been activated, mind you that wouldn’t explain having to disconnect from the mains before it would power up again. I have also done the reset so will wait and see.

Greg, it is in free space, I did try getting into the case, I gave up after about an hour and 40 screws removed.


Your cartridge adjusting tool would have done the trick.


It could come to that. I thought I had cured it but 2 hours later it turned itself off again :tired_face:


I wouldn’t worry too much. I sounds just like the usual impact of your musical choices.



I am most grateful for your input Alan :rage:


You are most welcome. :grin:


Here is my first effort making a 2 way RCA switching box



Needs wheels.


Is it fitted with a Denon TC*001?

*The TC stands for Taste Chip :grinning:


Don’t remind me :unamused:


No :fu:


There you go a second simplified switch box for the portable system.

I think I will take off the little ears at the back


Great work Andy :+1:


that looks great. Fill it with cat litter and you could charge £500 for that