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Now it’s portable surely the next step is to motorise including remote control.



and in shiny black plastic



I have an Audio note interconnect that has stopped working and have dismantled it and identified the signal cable had snapped inside its red sheath. I then tried re-terminating and do not have any silver solder -Please can someone help Identify which type of silver silver I need? - Plus I sure I need some flux as well?



Just use ordinary Sn62/Pb36/Ag2 multicore solder.

The issue is that the wires are individually insulated with lacquer, so you need burn that off. You need a hit iron, but too hot and the silver starts to dissolve into the solder.

It’s tricky stuff.


Can you use a fine sandpaper for the lacquer, or are the wires just too fine?


Too fine.

I get a hot iron and a blob of solder, the apply to the wire gently, moving it around until the lacquer burns off.

Then do the joint with fresh solder.


Cheers I will try again - is 330 degrees a suitable temperature?


I normally use closer to 400 for burning the lacquer off.

But start low and work your way up. You’ll know if you’re doing it wrong when the wire dissolves. :smile:


Well I tried but despite the top advice, thanks Pete and Adam, I couldn’t manage soldering this back.
Too tricky for me at the moment.

A solder sucker might help me clean off the original jointing and something I will need for the future.


Yes, lots of 0.9m interconnects out there that have been reterminated :grinning:


Please can someone help with some wiring advice ? - I have nearly completed re housing my David Wright battery powered pre amp. I am awaiting arrival of some female RCA connectors so that I can finish it off. The original connection from terminals to RCA in and outs was via some very thin Litz type tonearm cable(see photo) - It worked fine however I don’t have enough of to terminate any and I know there are various, what I do have are croc clip wires would these be suitable?

thanks in advance

Otherwise what do you guys suggest?


that “very thin Litz type tonearm cable” looks very much like Audio Note silver cable, is that what is too short and needs replacing?


I am referring to the cable in the photo that looks like this stuff but perhaps even thinner - Is that Audionote as well as the silver interconnect in the photo?


the super thin wire? maybe its AN internal tonearm wire, but I cant be sure as I have never used it.

as for whether crock clip wire is suitable? it can be used to make a link and the amp will work.


Not taking it through an airport security x-ray machine…


It appears the pot in my pre is giving up so one of these is on the way
because a) foo b) big tags to assist hamfisted soldering.



Jeebus Rob :weary:

My eyes get itchy watching that. Welding memories cannot be erased.


I did a bit of welding, never got any flash thankfully.