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shot any rats yet !


I’ve since upgraded…

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Nice to see that you’ve trimmed your beard.


Better pic all holes drilled just plucking up courage to machine the Panzerholz cut out


Anybody have a good recomendation for a source of Plywood? Our local wood merchant has closed so I’d have to get it delivered anyway.

They’re in Oxford

Avon plywood, they deliver, they also cut.

Morning. Any ideas about DIY speakers to go in my lounge?

Need to work well from 8w SET amp. Will be positioned against a wall anout 7ft apart. Will hardly ever be listened to on axis.

Budget? I’d start with maybe something like a pair of Goodman’s Axion 201s, super efficient and with a large simple box would be an easy project, add in a super tweeter and away you go. Also should hold their value so when you want to upgrade you should not loose too much if anything.

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Lowther are releasing some kits soon and look quite interesting. The ones Guy @murrayjohnson bought to lopwell sounded nice.

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Frugelhorn kits roo, designed to work next to rear walls. KJF kits are great

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I’ve got some Pensil 11 with Alpair drivers but they sound awful with my BP 300B amp.

I know they call them “frugelhorn” but at 85-88 dB not sure I would use them with valve amps.

But then the Pensil enclosures are not Frugel Horns, and if you went with the Fostex drivers, in the XL cabinet you should get a solid 92dB +.
That’s why I like the Axioms, around 96dB/15ohms so pretty much good with anything, including a Decware Zen.

Hmmm interesting, I really liked the Pensils with the Lyngdorf amp so Fostex may be worth trying.

Had Fostex drivers in the Tune Audio Primes and they were bloody good.

Budget is as little as possible. I like the idea of vintage. If i had money id probably buy some Audionotes or similar.

PM sent

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I really liked my Lampizator P17 speakers. The full design uses a 15" bass driver in a “folded open baffle” (box open at the back), but you could just use something smaller to reduce the overall size.

Above the bass it uses Saba Greencones, which are readily available from eBay Germany for about £150 for the set of 4. They’re used open baffle, so just shove some wadding behind them if needed.

They’re about 96dB/W and dead easy to drive, and you could build a pair for £300 or so no problem. Perfect for a 300B SET.


I think the Fostex FE168EZ driver, used in the Primes, works in the Frugelhorn XL.

My open baffles started life like these.More like the ones he sells ready made now.

Only a year or two late, first plinth for the inherited TD-160 made with solid Maple. Not 100% perfect but pretty pleased for a first go. I bought the planed Maple a year or so back and its been sat between a damp shed, warm house and a cool garage (along with a house move) so its warped ever so slightly.
I’ve some 12mm Valchromat coming for the base/shadow plinth and a little minor adjustment on the turntable support so it sits 100% flush then a finish with the Osmo.
The TD-160 I’ve basically done a ‘Super’ upgrade with Dynamat & Cork, Springs and a good all round service, just need to re-polish the platter and I’m almost there!