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If anyone needs enclosures from Modushop.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, would these work om a Japanman room. Adam ?

Have you tried active speakers Mike ?

Yep. Had a new pair of Edifier S3000’s that I quite liked.

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Sorry I remember them now.

I recommended them to my mate but haven’t spoken to him since :grinning:

Should do, I used them in a room just over 3m square to good effect. Open baffle bass can be quite forgiving with room issues.

Kitchen workshop - think it looks ok couple of issues with the veneering but nothing major thought I’d leave the panzerholz un-veneered ,well couldn’t be bothered with any more veneering ,stuff was horrible to work with .


Looks superb from where I’m sat :ok_hand:

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Hificollective have a one day 10% off sale with a black Friday code, so some 4 terminal ClarityCaps and a couple of Charcroft resistors are on the way.

Foo foo glorious foo.


Not sure what the fuss is all about?


I want one for the new garden, I don’t care if it sounds shite

Would have been better in Scandinavian birch plywood🙂

One of these, along with swapping the cascode load resistors for a pair of Charcrofts, meant three evenings generally hacking with a soldering iron to redo the power supply and cascode input stage tag boards. And tomorrow we check if it works…


Narrator: it doesn’t. Sound comes out but there is a crackle on the left channel which doesn’t follow the valve and is still there despite reflowing some of the joints, so time to attack more of it again.

Update: fracture in the wire for the left hand cascode connection to the upper grid.

Now sorted, but there is more hum than before so I think earthing needs to be looked at. The cap is there for the first stage, the input RCAs are referenced to the earth the other side of the cap currently rather than the earth for the first stage so I think that may be the first thing to change (tying the two together would seem to be a recipe for a ground loop and the SUT ground isn’t otherwise referenced to signal ground anywhere).

Unless I am missing something?

Further update: the hum kicks in about a couple of minutes after switch on. Up until then the output is basically silent.

Seems to imply something thermal, I have swapped out what I would think would be the most likely candidates (first L in the power supply, first power supply C in the phono stage prior to the cascode stage’s LC supply as the C is the new ClarityCap and any open failure there would send the frequency response way out) but still the same.


Lashed up a pre to see if it works. Must do tidying up now. Well tidyishing.

Started off as a lm3886 integrated amp I bought off of eBay for 99p.

Pulled the big transformer and the lm3886 out. Put in a Pass B1, and all seems to work.

Remote controlled with a relay/resistor volume control thingy.

Will probably have a Dcb1 board in it once I buy the rest of the components for it.

Finish off a Pearl 2 next and see how it compares to the Lounge Audio lcr next.


Sounds really bloody good.

Was just using it as a passive before. Feeling enthused. Will have to find some spare pennies for the Dcb1 bits.


Does any one know if there is s UK distributor for the AN Kits. HiFi collective no longer stock them. Am thinking the L3 phono kit would majestic for a nice project later in the year.