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If anyone needs enclosures from Modushop.

Black Friday?! More like Super Black Week!

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, would these work om a Japanman room. Adam ?

Have you tried active speakers Mike ?

Yep. Had a new pair of Edifier S3000’s that I quite liked.

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Sorry I remember them now.

I recommended them to my mate but haven’t spoken to him since :grinning:

Should do, I used them in a room just over 3m square to good effect. Open baffle bass can be quite forgiving with room issues.

Kitchen workshop - think it looks ok couple of issues with the veneering but nothing major thought I’d leave the panzerholz un-veneered ,well couldn’t be bothered with any more veneering ,stuff was horrible to work with .


Looks superb from where I’m sat :ok_hand:

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Hificollective have a one day 10% off sale with a black Friday code, so some 4 terminal ClarityCaps and a couple of Charcroft resistors are on the way.