DIY Garden Room/Workshop

We currently have a planning application in process for starting the ‘upgrade’ of our new house, this involves a small extension to in-fill a small area of wasted driveway, and mostly moving some internal walls, new windows and doors. Generally making sense of a 1950s house that has been extended twice, neither using an architect!

We had planned a workshop in the small extension, but now with COVID and my wife now working from home full-time, we have turned that into a home office.

I was initially planning on putting a shed at the bottom of the garden, on an existing 2m x 3m concrete slab, but now I would like something a little larger. We have had a quote to extend that slab to 4m x 3m (from our handy neighbour).

From the renovation works, we will have a whole set of pretty decent if dated UPVC Double Glazing and Patio Doors, I had in mind I could recycle these into a DIY room, rather than a kit ‘Log Cabin’.

Has anyone any experience with building a garden room/workshop from scratch?


Have you considered building a climbing wall?


i keep reading about SIP construction for a garden office which is on my very long list of tasks - very cheap on ebay or if you make your own and once clad with a second hand patio door would be a very cheap option that should last years and be very toasty

Interesting, not something I had considered. I shall research SIP panels :+1:

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So, bit of an update, I wen’t for a Log Cabin style shed in the end, ordered a couple of months ago, and arrived at 05:30 this morning, first on the delivery list after the driver set off from Holland last night!

All sorted through, nice and dry before we start assembly on Friday!


Nice one. Good luck putting it together.
What are the main dimension?

It’s just under 3m x 4m external.


One thing I have not bought yet is treatment for the wood, if anyone has any recomendations? Ideally a clear/matt coating.

I was always recommended Sadolin, but times may have changed.

Our house is timber covered, and I use Sadolin. We have been here nearly 30 years, and I have done the house three? times. It has never gone back to wood, the colour just gets dull.
They have a good range of colours. It is expensive, but lasts very well.
Use the green label one.
Sadolin Classic Woodstain - Antique Pine - 2.5L | Homebase

Brick Course done, test fit and all looking good (one of the sides is a litle bowed)

Hopefully it will stay dry for the rest of the weekend!


Forecast said dry, reality it was not… Sunday, is aparently wall to wall sunshine…


Nice, is it all going to plan so far?

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Yeah, the rain yesterday just made verything that little bit harder and frustrating.
The jobs for today are the roof and fitting the front doors on, the roof instructions are vague at best, as there are lots of options its pretty much make it up as you go…
We wil leave the floor (and insulation) to install next weekend I think, when its dried out a bit before fitting the DPM.

What type of insulation have they provided?

You should have put the roof on first, then you wouldn’t have gotten wet! :man_facepalming:

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You might need an antibiotic - you’re turning septic…

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Its this stuff:

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Bit of an update from last Sunday, sorted out some niggly bits on the window/door frame and installed the roof boards

Interior shot, I’m not used to be IN the photos

We had a spare DPM so we installed that for the moment, while we work out the plan for the roof insulation. There are no guides in the instructions so you make it up, various plans were hatched over another cuppa that involved the minimum amount of cutting of the OSB.

Tomorrows/Saturday’s job is to treat all the timber, inside and out, including the facia boards to go around the roof, and then probably complete next weekend.

All Sunday’s photos were taken in the rare gap between Snow, Hail, Rain and a bird shitting on my back while finishing off the roof…


It’s all gone a bit 70s Sauna…supposed to be light oak