DIY Horn speakers?

Want to scratch the horn itch but the only ones I’ve seen so far I like are Jacks ex demo tune audio marvels which are out of my price range.

Is it easy to build DIY horns? I’m thinking something like @stu has.

I don’t have a garage or space to do the woodwork so I’d have to get a chippy to make up the cabs for me but are there any well known and good designs going around?

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You could burgle @Jim. Selling his wonky turntable would cover the costs of transporting his speakers down to your place.

XT1086 wave guide + Decent woofer.

Any of the horns from autotech/

Audionote it will not be, however. :smiley:


In your situation why not get an open baffle bass with an eminence 15a, up to about 3-400Hz, a 2" driver doing the hard work on a 160Hz or 220Hz horn, and a tweeter on top.

You could build this yourself. Get the wood cut for the bass, just glue and screw together, and plonk the other drivers on top.

Be a nice system, and fairly compact. Ish.

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Adam’s idea is probably the way to go if you want to test the water without spending too much. If you would like more exactly Stu’s speakers, speedysteve can build the GRF cabs for you and he is quite reasonable. Not the deepest bass but clean. They are quite big though, have you enough room? Lots of fun to be had if you get into horns. :grinning:

Paul, can you stop posting pics of those tweeters please? :confounded:

@stu’s speakers are great. Good luck with the build.

There’s also this eBay guy who sells tapped horn subs quite cheaply:

Although that then gives you a mid bass issue, which requires bigness. I’d do the open baffle, you can join the real dark side later.


Make sure you bring a big van and a couple of beefy labourers :flushed:

Stus speakers are crap.


That is a good point. Best to nick the amps too to cover pay for the hired goons.

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Sorry, just there is no bid and starting bid is £500 lower than the previous BIN price! :slight_smile:

Yeah, no point in taking the Nagra - you’d never figure out how to work it :+1:

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I had similar thoughts to this.
Been seeing these pop up from several sources recently-
A fairly compact solution/compromise? Dunno, not heard them, though I’ve enjoyed other OB speakers I have listened to in the past.
I like the modularity and providing components at different price points.

Sorry-link to horn tweeter:

raid the kitchen for the meat stash and coffee machine

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If you’re going horn, you want more horn, I reckon. That probably crosses over at 1k, as well, which leaves quite a lot for the horn to cover. 3 way seems better to me.

Not horns as such, but I thought Gthang’s speaker build is really good.

I’m sure that’s so.

Some drivers available here