DIY plastering

How hard can it be?

  • It’s easier than it looks really

  • You’ll get the hang of it by the time you’ve finished

  • It’ll look terrible

  • You probably won’t even get it to stick to the walls

  • Please post photos so we can laugh at your ineptitude

  • If you live stream this you will win the internet

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Any advice? I was thinking of premix plaster just so I don’t need to get a specialist tradesman bucket. But is it all actually a stupid idea.

I could get someone in, but that would be less fun, and he would judge my poor plasterboard workmanship. Should I do that anyway?

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I’m torn. I think it’s a really, really stupid idea but I also really, really want you to do it.


+1 too good an opportunity for entertainment.


Any clean bucket is fine.

Make sure the bucket is clean for each mix

Mixing is the easy part.

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I’ve gone for “It’s easier than it looks” in the hope you believe it and give it a go :innocent:


not resident in any tradesman’s van on here.


How big an area and is it a thick coat or just skim?

Just a skim. It’s about 10 square meters, although made slightly awkward by the stairs

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Make sure you put it over the tape first. And potentially buy a massive tub of filler

Sounds like Stu is the man for the job and you can stick to making the tea.

Should add I’ve never plastered in my life. Mixed a lot and watched though.

My forte was filling shit walls.

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The plasterer who, over the years, did pretty much my entire house a room at a time, reckoned that most people could learn to plaster. He worked mostly on the sites where he said the rule of thumb was that it took two houses. They would set a beginner to work on the first house and essentially almost all the rooms would be unacceptable. So it would all have to come off and a proper plasterer would then re-do it. At some point in the second house the beginner would start to get the hang of it and by the end he’d be good enough that most of what he did could be left on the walls and, if they were lucky, even some of the ceilings.

As he pointed out though, most DIYers never have that much to do. Even I only had one house. So we never get good enough to make it worthwhile.

For what it’s worth he also said that far and away the commonest mistakes include i) not using really fresh plaster (he advised going to a DIY store with a really fast turnover), ii) working too slowly so you end up with the stuff in the bucket going off before you’ve finished and iii) for the scratch coat, overworking the plaster - “just slap it roughly onto the wall and let it get a good grip before you go back and set about flattening it”.

Me too. Get it done with live feed entertainment! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::grin::grin::grin:

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My Dad was an accomplished tradesman who could turn his hand to most things.
He would do a bit of making good but wouldn’t attempt a serious plastering job.
‘Always know when to call in a pro’
was his maxim.

Go for it Adam :grinning:


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: please do it and make sure you video it, it’s only a knack, very little knowledge is required :+1:


Anyone can do it, you’ve failed at life if you don’t too.

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If you don’t use premixed make sure you use ‘board finish’ will give you a slightly longer working time.