DIY speaker time

Having spoken to Simon a bit I’m really liking the look of Altec 828 cabinets(VOTT A7\A5), then some Le Cleach ellipticals and then something above that.

My first issue seems to be driver choice for the 828’s. Altec 515 and 416s aren’t cheap and most I see look of dubious condition. The remade ones by Great Plains are spendy too at $1400 and $1200 each.

I have seen people use JBL 2226 but can’t find much more info on other drivers to use.
Picture for attention


Well, i have 90% of the CAD done, just need to actually cut it out.

AE TD15M works OK in my horn resp sim.


Cool, the plan is starting!

Have you modelled anything in HornResp? I’d get that going and have a play. With a cabinet that combines back leading and front loading, a “fairly similar” driver may well not cut the mustard.

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Have you gone off the orignal plans or the “828B” ones on mfk projects?

The original plans, but anything will need some messing with for a different driver, rear volume, port size etc, hence not quite done.

Oh god, been some time since I have used hornresp.

Have modelled the cabinets will start looking at drivers soon.

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What implications would there be in using 16ohm drivers instead of 8ohm other than crossover design?



Pretty rusty at this, haven’t used hornresp for maybe 10 years.


Covid does strange things to people, It is probably a side effect,
You will have given up on horn loaded speaker design next week once you are feeling better.

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You arent wrong, I uploaded the wrong ones and just edited them :smiley:


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I think that was the AE driver just plonked in the original box.

Great thank you

Think I’d want to cross them over a bit below 800Hz

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Why? The upper end of hornresp graphs tends to be gibberish.

Id have thought a crossover of 600 or so was likely with a 2" driver anyway.

TAD 4002?

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Id just use a PA driver, faital pro, 18 sound, probably Radian as they have optional beryllium diaphragms.

Simon suggested Radian too :+1: beryllium gets spendy