DIYers / plumbers, what is this?

A little help please.

This thing (carries cold water I think) has a veeery slow leak.

The plastic collar thing doesn’t seem to tighten or loosen, it rotates stiffly if I turn it.

So, err, what is it? Is it not meant to tighten?

Any suggestions please …

It won’t tighten, it’s a push-fit fitting.

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That answers that then. Thank you.

As well as possibly being a slow leak, it might alternatively be condensation on the (very) cold pipe in a (very) steamy bathroom.


Steamy bathroom. Good times.

Push the pipe into the elbow and turn in gently. There may be a bit of crud on the o ring .

I accept no responsibility if it pops off. :slight_smile:

Also… If it isn’t condensation or whatever… are you sure it isn’t a weep on the compression joint then dripping down the pipe making it look like the white hep elbow?

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I’m a computer programmer.

I’m not sure of anything here :smile:


Is it constantly dripping?

Pissing water = 1
Dry = 0

If 1 call plumber , if 0 go downstairs and wrap pressies.

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I’m a modern digital plumber… it is either fucked or it isn’t.

Wipe everything with a bit of toilet roll. Wait ten mins new bit of toilet paper touch on highest join and work down.

If nowt, leave paper wrapped round joins and see what one is wet.

Wack some solder round that white elbow.

…or, … for a guaranteed leak stopper - rotate screw in ball-o-fix valve so slot is at 90 degrees to pipe…



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The ballofix is downstream o the leak !

You need this stuff…



Starting at highest point, put kitchen roll round the joint and if dry work downwards until you find where its is wet…

Dry it and check it is not condensation. Leave for a while and see if it is still wet.

It is the stop valve? There doesn’t appear to be any ptfe tape on it! If it is weeping, tighten slightly with an adjustable spanner. Not too much or it WILL leak.

The plastic connectors are push fit but the collar normally turns to lock the connection. Check it is tight. The connector will normally swivel round the pipe.

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Disregard most of this post. The plastic fitting is a hep20 fitting, they are not designed to tighten up and as a result won’t. He is mistaking that for Speedfit.

The bit about the toilet paper and not ovvertightening is bang-on tho.

Is it pissing water or not OP we demand to know.