What, the dog?


Wish I was a dog


I can put a collar on you and kick you out to wee on the grass in the rain if you wish :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sounds pretty kinky, I’m in!


Technicolour yawn?


Fly ball training session number three for Barnaby. An hours training of which 35 minutes was trying to get the fecker to leave the ball once in his possession, they said he was the class clown, I thought he was a class act preferring a tennis ball to bits of sausage, cheese or chicken. Mrs S had to run the course striding low hurdles and calling Barnaby while waiving a tennis ball to entice him, he was like a greyhound on speed, most impressive. After the hurdles fiasco Mrs. S is being entered in the horse of the year show at Earls Court, the Grand National and afterwards the local Knackers Yard. Of course there was the usual reassurance ’ he’s not the worst we’ve had ’ – bollocks, the shit is feral wherever tennis balls are, but he’s got a lovely temperament .


Rolo and Ruby doing what they do best



Bit of a trim?


Gratuitous paw-over-nose shot


iIs that a dog nose or a nipple?


Just a bit around the face when he went to the groomers.


Dead posh now :smiley:


Not a mistake you’ll make more than once - I wouldn’t have thought…


Hot dogs.


Kedleston Hall today :slight_smile:


love the one of Rosie high-5ing! :heart_eyes:


Too hot for them again today.