He appears to be being fondled lovingly by a member of the opposite. So maybe not so stupid after all ?



Hattie in water and Agnes digging the shit out of it.


Abby complaining about a black cloud interrupting sunbathing


Doggo #1, my wife’s special soldier, had his op today to remove a tumour from his mouth. Thank heavens it all went smoothly and they are now happily reunited.

We had tears for several hours until the vet rang to say he had recovered from anaesthetic and we could bring him home.

After a wobbly start he is back to commanding the house :+1:


We are looking after Jan’s brothers labradors for 4 weeks while he is in Hong Kong visiting his daughter. They are sisters, 10 years old, and the black one is blind. It is incredible how well she manages. But bloody hell can they eat. It is all they think about!


Labradors - half dog, half dustbin



Cute dog, nice pic… but Crocs, ffs man get a grip of yourself :scream:


It’s worse than that. Crocs n’ socks ! Ought to be locked up…


no problem with Crocs, as an exponent of good taste in the footwear dept, I have a lilac pair.

but please no crocs with socks


His silence speaks volumes. He knows the shame he has brought on himself.


You guys are stars! Well done.


Of course you do.


envy is such a pityable trait


Page! Jim told me that any type of sandals must be accompanied by docks.

ps How do you know that I took the picture? :thinking:


Cos it is your dog
… and you are in your normal holiday, reclined pose




No I didn’t, I said socks…:wink:


Bigger :dizzy_face:


I give up with the trypos :rage: Anyway, in my defence I had just come back from Lidl, so needed to dress for the occasion :smiley: