Lovely little cottage next to us for sale. Some refurbishment required but easily ready to move in…




Close, but no cigar :grin:



Nope, none of them either :grin:


I will also add, more property sales are done here without the involvement of estate agents than those that use them.







Watch your fingers !


Took one of ours and my mums dog for a run at Bigbury this morning.
Feel guilty having to leave my King Charles at home though , he’s on pills for his heart so can’t have too much exercise.


Hel and I browsing rescue sites for a Foxhound / Trail Hound.



I’ve been taking the girls up to Fetlar International Airstrip lately. Half mile long strip, starting to get too many grassy mounds for a smooth landing, but surrounded by heather moorland (with associated muddy pools) and complete freedom for them to go mad.

Looking North and the world famous airstrip

and South East towards Lamb Hoga


The heather covered hillside to the East allows for much craziness


The terminal building looks a little pokey…:thinking:


It would if it was one. :grin:

That’s an RSPB hut. A remnant from the time when the Snowy Owls used to breed near there. They used to hang out in there to keep an eye on the nesting site.


Be fine for an Islander


Bit big.