It’s been a long day.


Abby would like know just what all this white stuff is doing all over her precious walk


Hard life :sunglasses:


Same here!



Remember Charlie, the collie we looked after who was paralysed from the waist to his tail after a spinal stroke?

Of course you do :grinning: Here he is with the new Springer, Ralph and Stan the Pointer. Our 2 were out of shot, behaving themselves, being collies.

It’s just about a year ago now. He’s still weak on his right back leg but what a fighter he has been.


Fantastic, I love it!


That’s just amazing to see.


A big smile and moist eyes watching Charlie. Absolutely amazing and lovely to see.




He looks like a happy boy :slight_smile:


What would Rosie like to do?




No, it was Monopoly…she has several hotels already :angry:


Maddie waiting for her dinner tonight

and Hildur hogging the sofa after dinner :grin:


A day late, but it’s the thought that counts. :smile:



:point_up:t3: Nature, red in tooth and bleached in claw.


Beautiful weather for our walk today

Back home again (Hildur standing on the wall to the left of the car)


Not jealous at all.:disappointed: