Donald Trump finally announced as some massive in-joke (Part 2)

Yeah, didn’t bother including page one of this screed because it’s just the same lunatic gibberish he’s been spouting for years.
The call for protest is a different matter though, has a definite “be in the Capitol January 6th, will be wild” vibe.

If they’re gonna actually arrest the cunt, they should do it tomorrow, and it shouldn’t be on the Stormy stuff, which is flimsy because he can just say he was paying her to go away, which was cheaper than proving she was lying. There must be enough with the attempted election fraud or tax evasion to nail the cunt?

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Election fraud is still before a Grand Jury in Georgia, that indictment is expected soon.
Document theft is before a Grand Jury in D.C., that indictment is probably still a while coming.

The Stormy payment itself isn’t what he’s being charged with, it’s the falsified business documents that were used to try to cover up the payment. I’m also guessing Mr. Deep Pockets Short Arms probably paid Michael Cohen back from his campaign funds rather than personally, which is a big problem

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That won’t do the job, too easily argued away as admin errors or just blah, blah, load of nothingness, Cohen was a shite lawyer cum RINO traitor etc etc.

There must be something fucking solid on that cunt, surely to god?

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The one that has him bricking it is Georgia. Election tampering/fraud and also racketeering charges for the conspiracy to commit the fraud


But they’re even more corrupt than we are, so no realistic chance of any sort of prosecution.

Sorry, but that sort of “everything’s fucked so burn it all down” nihilism is exactly what the cunts want you to feel.

I’m sorry too; guess they’re winning then. They are still CUNTS though.

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I know the NYT is behind a paywall if you have gone over the free allowance of articles but regarding the post you quoted they said

"Two hours later, a spokesman issued a statement saying that Mr. Trump had not written his post with direct knowledge of the timing of any arrest, adding, “President Trump is rightfully highlighting his innocence and the weaponization of our injustice system.”

But Mr. Trump’s social media post had immediate impact: Within hours, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, one of the most powerful people in federal government and who partly owes his position to Mr. Trump, posted on Twitter that he was calling for investigations into whether federal funds were being used for “politically motivated prosecutions,” a thinly veiled threat to Manhattan’s district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office declined to comment."

LOL, bring it on. Have you actually seen how the Republican “investigations” are going in the current session of Congress? :rofl:

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It’s beyond parody and has been for a long while now. Over here we think it’s a crazy joke, in the US people are ready to bear arms for that fucking muppet.

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I wouldn’t be too confident. We are very lucky indeed that for all sorts of reasons gun ownership in England and Wales is unusually low (US 120 guns per 100 people, Canada 35, Germany and France 20, Australia 15, Russia 12, Israel 7, England and Wales less than 5, numbers here).

We do much less well when it comes to who we believe though. A horrifying number of people voted for Boris Johnson - an obvious and complete fucking muppet if ever I saw one (OK, not quite as bad as Trump, but you still wouldn’t make him milk monitor would you ?).

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The “patriots” have been online discussing forming a human moat around Mar-a-lago to prevent the Dear Leader’s extradition.

Presumably the court just issue a summons for him to appear, if he doesn’t that is another offence, then they go in and get him.
Doubt that he would actually refuse.

His lawyers have said he’ll comply with any subpoenas.

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