Donald Trump finally announced as some massive in-joke (Part 2)

Are you fucking mad?!

Sorry, I meant more that the polls keep switching with the wind. World of difference policy wise. Except on Israel

I am grateful for the clarification, was about to unleash all manner of fire and brimstone :rofl:

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Perfect, brilliant , true in every way but unfortunately will have no input to the way they will vote.

I only hope the womens’ vote will see the cunt go down.

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Just when you think it can’t get any madder

“We must pay our bills”…From the man who doesn’t boast x 6 Corporate Bankruptcies leading to unpaid bills.

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His supporters just love it when he pulls this ‘strongman’ act :roll_eyes:

Gets more deranged and dangerous everyday

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Saw a large vote trump 2024 flag fluttering in someone’s garden just over the bridge into Cornwall yesterday afternoon.

Utter nutter.


Interviewers now need to go in hard with Sunak and the rest of cabinet,and ask if they support trump.

I have no idea what mental gymnastics republican voters must be doing to support someone who’s in bed with the Russian commies.

But they are not Commies anymore
Putin and the Russian Oligarchs are a perfect incarnation of the American Dream

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The Russians are not commies anymore, they’re fascists, so they like them now.

They would definitely be Russian commies to republicans if the tables were turned,and Biden was in bed with Putin


all the old school commies moved to PFM


Not sure if here or shoe thread