Driverless - would you dare?


M’eh. I prefer something retro like this:

The tracks should be useful if one is battling through snow showers or pedestrians. Also, no matter how it is parked, it is cuntish to the max. :skull_crossbones:


The tracks will just about cope with Oxfordshire’s roads too.


Looking closely at the tracks it looks like that ack-ack thing has been clamped. Fuckin’ cheek!


The lengths you need to go to to stop scousers nicking your wheels…


Off you fuck poppet…


Ha ! :joy:


You too tubby :angry:


There are times when fuck off isn’t enough…


A frustration I have is waiting on a main road to turn right and perhaps holding up traffic behind me whilst drivers in the opposite direction drive slightly too close together to allow me to turn onto my junction with me knowing that in a minutes time they will join a large queue to enter a roundabout that cars cannot get in/ out of because the cars behind me are stuck on the road. There will be a speed X West and a speed Y East or a gap to car in front distance that will maximise (significantly I think) flow. Why can’t the sat nav also be used to give drivers info to help them minimise everyones driving time?

The sat nav could say - “If you let the car or three cars waiting to turn right ahead turn by slowing down a bit It will have no effect on your journey time bur save them an average of one minute” . By encouraging free flow in simple ways will help all.

Not driverless but arming drivers with tips


Sorry Jim, I wasn’t clear about that. I was quoting Bob, and when he said “There will be no tail gating …” I just assumed he meant “There will be no tail gating if cars are autonomously driven”. My point was that if cars are autonomously driven then locking them together nose-to-tail will actually be the sensible thing to do. The reason it causes trouble at the moment is, exactly as you say, “you can’t predict if the car in front will brake suddenly”, and I have indeed seen people who brake whenever an oncoming car appears.

You needn’t worry about coming across me on the road though. I’ve been driving for thirty-odd years and I’ve never been in a significant collision and nor, as far as I can remember, has the vehicle in front of me or behind me, I’m pleased to say :slight_smile:.



Typical “old man” disclaimer :smiley:


Old ? C’mon, 58 is the new 32 ! Honestly there’s no pleasing some people (OK, that’s not fair, my insurance company seem pleased :wink:).



TBF I’m only a year behind you. But I remember my Grandfather using the same justification 30 years go.


That assumes all the cars can “talk” to eachother. Now I’m in an Android car, you’re in an Apple car, Jim is in a Windows car and some clever bastard who thinks they know best is in a Linux car. The Microsoft car chooses to shut down and reload software just as the Apple car brakes because the Android car got within a country mile of it just as the Linux car’s owner decided to change their coding. I can’t see any problems at all:)


You’d have been 27 then. On balance I rate my judgement now as better-informed than it was when I was 27 :grinning: . (Of course that may be because I’m senile …).



Careful Bob, that’s fighting talk.



I find myself liking you.


I’m going for the more modern city runabout

Buy one here.

Incidentally, I’m loving the “here are some tittehs, buy our stuff” 70s-stylee advertising.


Some traffic warden has clamped it already


Back on near topic, well still under the first word of this thread…

There is the issue of bullying.
This could / will happen with a mix of selfish driver and perfect highway code programmed driver-less cars.

I can see this occurring at any time I guess (for a laugh) but the most likely scenario is where there’s an obstruction on one side so traffic has to wait for a gap in the oncoming flow to take their chance and get by.
Quite often there is some give and take in that a courteous driver on the clear side will slow a bit and allow a few cars through. Then you sometimes get the tail gater who pushes that give and take a bit too far and takes the piss getting through.

The driverless car could be so polite and not take those opportunities that a riskier driver would.

Same thing applies to the narrowing traffic calming sections where one lane has priority. We have quite a few of them down here. Pretty annoying things as they cause congestion and pollution to solve a problem of inappropriate speed (well according to the speed limit laws anyhow).
If we ALL drove sensibly they would not be needed, then again neither would speed humps, and a lot of the road furniture we current have.

Insurance is an interesting thing. The driverless car will no doubt be able to prove exactly what happened in a collision with a plonker-self-driver. They could also collect data on dangerous driving by same plonkers and I guess record speeding where they overtake or pass on dual carriageways / motorways etc breaking the law. As it’s no doubt calibrated data it could be used in a plethora of ways.

Our whole boy racer road use mentality could change fairly quickly. Currently the speed limit / highway code etc is seen as there to be broken / plonker knows best, unless they are likely to get caught by plod car, fixed or mobile camera.

Interesting seed change that could introduce. The driverless car might not be so defenceless after all!