Driverless - would you dare?


I can’t ever see it happening on British roads.


I would expect fairly soon the cars to have an ad-hoc networking system, so they could communicate. This would facilitate the road trains, driving 100mph nose to tail, and also could be used to ensure even flow in busy lanes. Also, the cars could determine which had been waiting longest and give that one priority. But I agree that if all people act like dicks then the cars just won’t move!


Mind you don’t drive over the edge of the world


Well I’ve never been on an aeroplane in my life as I don’t trust that technology either. Witchcraft if you ask me.:smiling_imp:


You’re ok with flying broomsticks though?



or the one controlled by Amazon, that just wants to go shopping all the time…




This has surprised me Paul - given your gambling habit, you can’t possibly be risk-averse. Maybe you could kill two birds by betting that the plane will actually arrive?


It’s not down to fear of flying - just never had any reason to get on one.


How about Munich in May?


Can I bring my dog - she is a German by pedigree.:slightly_smiling_face:


Bring, yes. Bring back, hmmm …



Being tested here and now

Not exactly hooning about :slight_smile:





I’m all in favour of autonomous cars (with the ability to take control on nice open roads). Stuck in traffic on a commute is an awful time sink. Sleeping, watching a movie, making some knuckle children or furiously catching up on work you’ve said you’ve already done would all be possible. What’s not to like?
Given the state of our roads now and the likelihood that congestion will just keep getting worse given the govts reluctance to invest in infrastructure it seems like a no brainer.


wonder how it copes with alpacas?


See the I hate Straya thread earlier…


posted before reading - question stands tho’ :grinning: