Driverless - would you dare?


My smartphone was stolen. I bought a cheap “dumb” phone to tide me over. Now I’m not sure I’ll go back. It’s nice not having the option of doing stuff (whether work emails, or just looking up random shit) all the time.


I’ve eaten a kebab whilst sober before, so I am well up for giving a driverless car a go.

I’d want it to look like my current car, though.


Always had a soft spot for Dudley Sutton.

Here he is in the probably accidentally homo erotic classic, Leather Boys.


Sutton appears in this very good programme about Joe Orton.

To be honest, I was surprised to learn that he was still alive.


He was nothing if not versatile



Worth a watch…


Forget driverless autos, I want an R2-D2 to take care of such mundane tasks.


As long as you could turn it’s cunting volume down :+1:


Thread necro alert…


Ape shall not kill ape.