Early scoping out of potential DIY horns

Yep, I quite like the look, but they sound poor, all indistict in the bass and really poor at imaging.


Well an Onken bass, with mid horn and treble above would do that, although you’d miss out on a lot of horniness possible.

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JBL K series

Think they are made by a bloke in Huddersfield who also makes valv a tron amps.

Going off topic a bit

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Yes that is the question isn’t it. Is the marginal gain in SQ worth the additional outlay to chase it?

I suppose I’m looking ideally for greater realism and palpability, a big deep soundstage.

Have you had much time in the new room? Maybe play around with positions for your current speakers first?

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Good call, I’ve been moving the speakers around today to experiment with placement and direction.

Are the current speakers fully horn loaded?

I’m not sure there’s much point trying to do something of similar size to commercial speakers yourself. Sure you can use better drive units, but you won’t be as good as them at tuning the sound. I doubt you’d really improve things.

The point of this kind of DIY is to create something, especially in the bass, that you just can’t get commercially. The deep bass and mid bass being horn loaded creates a real sense of ease that I’ve not heard from a box speaker. That’s what you should aim for, IMO.


That’s true in respect that when I think of my current Finos they are great midrange, okay high end but never quite convinced by the bass.

If I was starting again from scratch with that budget I wouldn’t be doing anything until I’d spoken with and perhaps visited Simon Mears to listen to a WE15 or similar. Huge part of the important frequencies covered by one horn and driver.
You’d need a bass horn system which will be “big”, as is the WE15, and a tweeter solution which is much easier to resolve.
Size and looks might mitigate against this route🤣!
You will need to be thinking about crossover and whether to do it digitally or have the added faff of messing with numerous passive components.
If you’re ever up in the north east give me a shout and you can listen to mine to get an idea.


What about the lanky twat in the Malverns - used to flog a big fuck-off Polish-made horn (fnarr) that sounded really decent for sane £££? Or is that stuff out of fashion?

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They look amazing actually and everyone seems to like the sound. Good shout.

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Why not try some big subs from Velodyne, SVS or such from a dealer with your current speakers?

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Guy I just collected the First Watts from has got the (Greek) Animas running active with 8x amps.

The correct answer is “buy the AirScouts” though


If your looking for realism and deep realistic sound stage and deep realistic bass do not dismiss good open baffle if they are done right they are fantastic.check out w.w,w,fikuselectric.com.

No, not out of fashion. I’ve heard them and they’re very meh, bordering on wrong sounding.

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