eBay stuff (Part 2)

Thought you might :rofl:

Great label and record shop that :+1:

Yep, bought quite a bit off them

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4 grand for a pair of golds, fuck me, they’ve shot up in price.

The going rate for a pair of Golds with original crossovers in excellent condition is currently around £2000.

£4000 for a pair Golds in tidy Lockwood Major cabs isn’t out of order but Emporium are usually willing to give a wee discount if you give them a call.

Edit: Given the original crossovers seem to be missing from this pair £4k is probably a bit steep.

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Gif o’the week :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


+1, I loved the Mongrels series!

£20k :open_mouth:

I’m all for the value of M7s going through the roof :slight_smile:

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It does seem a tad optimistic, but who knows :man_shrugging:

Crazy money

Wish I’d bought one now! What’s the more likely going right you’d expect that to go for?


Looks to be less than 10 yrs old so at most £12k

assume he’s selling for someone so sticking commission on top, his photos are never that good and they’re missing the tatty old curtains in the background :slight_smile:

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There is an M77 in Germany for less, and a sealed M77 for €28k at hiendbroker, and they are better than the M7.

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That sealed m77 has been up for sale for years, seems odd ?

Oooh that M77 with these would be something to hear

They’ve got some Rockport speakers too. The only cat coffins I thought that sounded really good when I heard them at Munich. Can’t remember the model though.