eBay stuff (Part 2)

In my room, yes.


When you dig, he’s only sold 4 items in the last 12 months. With one -ve out of 4 in that period the percentage looks low, but his full history is over 100 sales with all the other customers happy. As Lebowski says, that was an ATC fan…

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Nah - in your room the cabinets should be wood-grain Formica and the horns in this:


Tru dat.

My god, that brings back memories of my Nan - she had some cushion covers in that exact pattern.

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I rented a room for a few months from a DIY-resistant mate a couple of decades ago - the walls were papered in a very similar pattern, but in purple, with purple woodwork, purple carpet, and a French-blue ceiling. Luckily I was an alcoholic at the time :ok_hand:

Not least with this description

What you can expect from the SHORT BASSHORN?

Nothing, because they don’t have one.

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Seriously good and hugely powerful power amp for the money if you can get past the Class D thing - just look at the transformers.:sunglasses:


Slightly puzzled why it has two transformers when it doesn’t seem to be a dual-mono board, but what the hell - Brunellian-overkill is always good :+1:

Stacked +/- supply.


Looks like some slightly random approach where each trafo does half of the split voltage looking at the wiring from the rectifiers.

Or to put it better, that.

Probably worth buying for the PSU and box then… Hmmm…

Looks like it

Some Kondo amps, inc M77 and Gakuoh, use dual mains tx in parallel, but wire them in opposite sense to each other

Each of my monoblocks has 5 transformers (from memory)
(Cheating a bit as one of them is an Interstage transformer and is not part of a power supply)

I don’t think it has more than 5 as each DHT board has a rectiifer but I don’t think it has a transformer

I’m guessing at least 3 of them are not tx but chokes…

Plus there’s a £1 coin inside it!

I wasn’t counting the big Hammond choke in the foreground

Although thinking about it one of the others is probably a choke