eBay stuff (Part 2)

Imagine Eric Clapton or any other celebrity caring about hifi when they have to climb minge mountain

Look McCartney has this when he could literally afford “the best”


Yes but Clapton if you listen to certain track b on an urishi you can hear the…

Lol ok saddo

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Pretty sure they’d still buy things they like for whatever reason lol

I don’t know if you’re just a man of phenomenal stamina, but even Mr MWS has to take pauses to recover before ploughing the next furrow. Might as well make the breaks sound as good as possible.


Could be a project for someone not afraid of a refoam or two. If ony they were closer!



I see there are a few items for sale from Ukraine, that will be a brave purchase😁

“cablecollector” in Cheshire - is this Tuffbob?

Not unless they moved cheshire to eastern europe overnight?

was going to comment that the price is a bit optimistic so a definite yes on tuffbob :rofl:

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Other things for sale, have a beer and wake up :grin:

Especially if it’s collection only.

Brinkmann 10" arm for sensible money

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Downside would be dealing with matt j… :poop:

Why wouldn’t you, eh?


Stick some nice amps and a crossover behind that lot and I bet it’d sound pretty nice. I’ve got some raggy-looking old Fane mid-top P.A cabs that I’ve had for years, and it never fails to surprise me how sweet they sound when I set them up. Used them at an event recently and had loads of compliments on the sound.

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Yeah, could just use a Rotel 6 channel amp, and either a cheap active pro XO or Computer and sound card, and you’d have an amazing system for a lot under a grand.

Needs to be the house system for Lopwell and Settle!


Agreed, I’m in for £70 (Can’t store)


Can store, transport not so much :grin: