EBay twattery - scams in disguise!

I recently sold an audio analogue amp on eBay, and as with most private sales. I have a no returns policy, which of course doesn’t stop someone returning something because it’s broken!

Well two weeks in (why it took him two weeks I have no idea) he says the remote control doesn’t work.

Now we are talking about a solid metal remote, bubble wrapped, in a double cardboard box. The odds of if being broken seem very slim to me.

But I engage this guy, offer a few tips but he says it’s still not working. I can feel the return humming in the distance.

So I try and call his bluff, and say “I have friends in London, do you mind if I send someone round and you can demonstrate the problem”

Well… I get this today

New message from: [zhouyu6630]###

Thank you very much for your patient help!
The amazing thing is that when I tested it today, all the functions were normal, and I’m sure it was normal!
I don’t know how to explain this magical phenomenon! I can only thank God!
At the same time, thank you for your help! Finally, have a good weekend!
Kind Regards

Yeah! Thank the lord huh… chancing prick


I get the point but there is a phenomenon I have experienced with new kit where you try something and for some inexplicable reason it doesn’t work and you have a mild panic, only to find when you’ve calmed down that you didn’t put the batteries in or similar. Just saying.

I had something similar last year with an album I bought.
It was extremely warped,I immediately asked for a refund,was only when I looked properly,one of the labels had been double stamped,and the top one had air bubbles giving it its warp.
Peeled the label off,and it was fine.

He could of thought that batteries were inside,and only later realised.

Or he was hoping you would refund £30 or so.


Yeah but, ebay chancing cunt is far more likely…



It had working batteries in it, and worked the day it left my house. There was no need to do anything to it

Plus he “told me” he replaced the batteries and was pressing the remote right against the sensor.

The fact it just “started working” is truly a miracle

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I think so! The unit worked perfectly the day I sent it!

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Thesaurus check:

@Bolts @stu - kind, trusting, positive

@Jim - cynical, bitter, jaded



Moi? :innocent:

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I sold a camera recently on eBay. Camera arrives and pretty much immediately I get a request for a refund because it doesn’t focus and eBay put the funds on hold.

I’m thinking wtf, it was fine when it left. Then I realise that I normally have them set up so that focus is on a rear panel button rather than the default, which is on the shutter button. So I politely message and suggest that’s what the problem is and suggest factory resetting (to be fair I should have remembered to do this.)

The dispute gets cancelled but there’s no message back or anything. It would have been nice if they’d messaged me first before instantly raising a dispute. Or at least acknowledged that my suggestion had fixed the problem. I do wonder how some people get through life with such shit communication skills.


After failing to find a buyer on here I sold this on Shetlink

I even delivered it to the guy (in Lerwick) and he seemed delighted.

Then I get a message to say it isn’t working, I want my money back, You said it was unused, refund me now, etc. etc.

I asked him what wasn’t working on it and how had he tried to operate it, I just got more of “I want my money back” shit, so I told him the next time I was coming to Lerwick would be a couple of weeks away and I would call in and IF it wasn’t working I would refund him, but I was going to try it and if it worked he wan’t getting a refund.

Within hours I got a short message “it’s working now”



Yep I think these cunts treat it as a way to try stuff they can’t afford, and instead want to make me spend £50 on two way postage so they can wank over high end kit

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The switcheroo is rife on there right now.

Got a cart with a channel down, buy another on eBay then send back the dud. Got an amp with a moody transformer? How about a record with a scratch on it…,… This shit is lonnggg. Yes you can security mark which is how I politely respond to the return request. Once the item has been through security verification you will be refunded promptly. Amazing how many things don’t get returned.

Last week I had x3 returns 1) Chinese man who couldn’t read 'Sold as spares / repairs. 2) Man who’s item was 24 hrs late 3) A guy who bought an Ortofon Quintet and said it was ‘too big’ for his Sony tonearm …

They live among us and they vote.


Sold an amp on eBay a few years back. Got notification of delivery and a few hours later a message to say the amp hummed, included in the message was pictures of the amp dismantled and board removed.
I politely said I wouldn’t refund as he had pulled it apart and any repair was his issue now.
Next message, it’s fine now I moved it away from my TV.

EBay is full of chancers and tat, very rare I use it now.


Hard to reach vinegar stroke but it is doable.


I sold a DAC a few weeks ago - chap came round, listened to it, in my system paid cash and left. Next day he contacts me to say, in his system it’s only on a par with his current DAC, and what did I think? :roll_eyes:

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I have never sold a single thing on ebay because it is a Twat’s Charter.

Usually the truth is buyer’s remorse: they’ve spunked some £ and had their cashgasm, now it’s self-loathing and Kleenex time - and you are going to pay the price. Ebay make it easy for these twats. Also had it a lot when I was a dealer - morons buy blind on looks every fucking time - after a couple of weeks they realise they’ve made a mistake, or they’re bored again, so they just lie about non-existent faults, and send shit back - usually covered in greasy fingerprints and mandruff flakes, reeking of dope, with visible wear and tear, damaged boxes, missing accessories, no manual, &c, &c

Outright scammers are rife too - “not received” is enough to get ebay sending the cunts their money back - and it really is their word against yours even outside ebay, and the truth is you have no idea if they got it and are lying, or some thieving cunt had it away at the sorting office or out the back of the parcels van.

All this bullshit means I only sell on forums or face-to-face - and is why I have a roomfull of unsold cables &c. I’d sooner take them down the recycling tip than have shit thieved off me. So much entitled scum out there on the nick.


There’s a thing called tracked delivery, you should try it.

There’s a thing called lying, thieving, useless cunts: you should try getting parcels companies to acknowledge they’ve fucked-up.

You should also try making an insurance claim from one of them.

Have fun.