Everything must go

I’m considering selling my entire system to help fund the purchase of a split screen camper I want to buy.

I’ll only sell if I can find buyers for all the kit, if you are interested send me a PM and I’ll mark the item as reserved and once all kit (or major items) has been reserved will proceed with the sales.

SJS Arcadia Model 5 300b amp (£3500)
Western Electric 300b tubes x4 (£1600)
SJS Arcadia Model 1.5 preamp (£1600)
Audio Note Kits 4.1 DAC (£1500)
Origin Live Resolution mk3 (£1200)
Audio Note Arm One v2 (£400)
Audio Origami PU7 (£900)
Koetsu Black Goldline (£800)
Audio Note IQ3 (£350)
Decca Gold (£500)
Whest PS.30 RDT Special Edition (£2400)
Whest PS.20 (£400)
Remton 3832 phono stage (£300)
Rega Apollo-r (£350)
Tune Audio Prime speakers (£2200)

I hope the camper has a radio in it

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Nice plan Chris. We like Croatia. Going back there for a week on Sunday. Have a great time. Jealous? Not half!

It’s in the top 4 or 5 for me too.