Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


OMFG!!! Best thing in the whole world ever!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

For sale at half the price he paid for them.

Sure, kid.




anyone want to buy my genetically engineered femto kings? offered at a bargain 25% of rrp at £400000 per set.

As a bonus I can add in a used genuine Siamese cat whisker



The Schumann game is getting HOT

Warning, this may create ‘wave thirst’


Next time I go to a HIFI show they better be giving these away or tweeters will be poked




Be wary those speaking in Solfegio syllables. [Long,thorough dismissal of Solfegio].

More dangerous than Schumann, 'cos folks can sing it.


that wand is shaped for insertion. The wand, a dab of KY and you can have your insides energised


I understand that you can buy a special audiophile version with upgraded umbilical & feet and which, if used on the right rack can cause catastrophic incontinence sound stunning.


Taking a Republican approach and slashing Stronzetto’s daily glue budget. Could place the PayPal finger on the trigger.

"Scalar supercoil antenna with soft iron core. The coil antenna is bi-filar wound to produce scalar waves and very little magnetic field. The supercoil design is copied directly from DNA as it occurs in nature."

= They twisted the wires. I can’t hold back the tears of joy - it will be mine!


These any good under speakers or TTs or such? I guess you can cut them to size.


At that price it’s got to be worth a punt



Not many things more Cheshire than that…


Too cheap



One of each Bob?


I like his ‘Death clamps’ - When I want to get stabby its great to know my TT hat can maim and hack (Comes with complimentary bog roll to mop up the aftermath.)