Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Two of each it is then.


I was sort of tempted by this set


Be better if it said 20th




Would sttategic placement increase or decrease Schumann wave resonances?






Absolutely, you can tamp Coffee, stab enemies and your deck gets a hat - Welcome to winsville!






Did you get a few? :smirk:

The other shit he is peddling on there is just as insanely priced.


Agreed - it is not possible for the human eye to directly look at ‘Nano man’ - Such is the degree of sparkle


He certainly abounds with the thick. I presume he must be impervious to Schumann Waves such is the degree of glitteriness.



Surely nobody buys this crap?


BDSM Audiophile man


Only cos you get in first :laughing:


OK Mr. Siltech Foo Mains leads :wink:


I use 4 Nano kings under my fridge


Good idea. I presume the edges of your ice cubes are razor sharp.


The nordost odin power lead made the ice cubes better,the Nanos have certainly helped the texture on the fruit corner yogurts though. :+1: