Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)



SPEC Corporation


Not so sure…


I truly hate you lot :rage:



We were talking with the Audio Technica rep at Bristol who was showing us their relaunched end of side arm lifter. It really is a nicely made little thing if inadvertently leaving an expensive cartridge in the run out groove is a concern.

Comes with 3 spacers of differing height so easy to set for a variety of platter thicknesses.



Want one of those. :heart_eyes:

Whoooo £215 plus postage, maybe not.


I had one of the originals and like twat, sold it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I still have mine.


You surprise me.


Yeah, I got it on a Rega 3 I bought with a Nait and some speakers. Youngest son wanted the Rega so liberated it.

Nait long gone.


Brings back fond memories of the Monitor Audio Stylift, which was sort of thrilling in the pre-Space X era - wouldn’t mind reliving the days when such devices were occasionally necessary, though


How much are they?

More than this one?


Looks good.


I’ve stuck in an offer of £30, let’s see if that’s enough.



The AT one is more like £115. It’s a nicely made thing but I suspect that one may work well enough.
I see they also do a michell style clamp.


Yes it is! :grinning:


I’d have gone £25. You can always go up. :grinning:


The AT one did seem really nicely put together. It’ll be interesting to hear whether this Chinese one lasts a good while.


Considering the other identical ones on ebay are going for over £60, I thought I was being cheeky at 30! I must try to be more of a cunt.