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A review of cable lifters





A cable support needs to be both sturdy and height-adjustable. The Furutech NCF Booster products accomplish this admirably. They are perfect examples of form following function.

The kicker is they are coated with an “active” nano particle material called NCF that has the ability to change the sound. This is a hit or miss variable. In some applications, such as under my speaker wire, it works beautifully; in others it can be counterproductive. The only way to know is by trial and error.

The set of NCF Booster-Signals under my CH Reference Speaker Cable was so beneficial I purchased a pair of them. I’m also contemplating a pair of Booster-ACs for the powered subs in my YG Anat speakers.


God alive.


Needs Credulous Fuckwits, evidently.


After I explained how the Boosters worked, his response “Why do you need to get cables off the floor?” left me sort of stunned. Good heavens, man, don’t you read the audio magazines?



Audio Lab-Yah! would like to go on record with the statement:
"Ignorance is contempt prior to investigation"
For details of our ninth dimension schumann hover lifters, please pm with credit card details. We only charge £100 for our automated response consultation.


All noted and will be keeping an eye out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Has this little gem made an appearance in this thread yet . . .



“… Being the only conditioner of its kind, it offers a level of performance previously unattainable…”

Can’t really argue with that.

I wonder if you could set one next to each Schumann resonator as a kind of metaphysical eddy current brake.


So what is it and how does one use it? The Blackbody is a passive noise dispersion* device that doesn’t plug into the power line nor your components. It works on proximity. It is to be set up at a specific angle and optimum distance from whatever components’ radiation one wishes to address. Installation involves personal experimentation. And that—sorry to say (ha!)—relies on you trusting your own senses. Audiophilia is of course filled with evidence that many don’t. Louis states that more makes merrier. Early adopters report on having up to six units. I. This would approach the subject from two sides. Would our team end up with heavy corroboration or quite conflicted findings?

"I wouldn’t say that since it suggests that the noise goes out of the device. It doesn’t. It is transformed into something which is not noise or better, not perceived by the ear to have any correlation with noise in the usual sense of interfering with the audio signal. I might prefer to say “interferes less with our enjoyment of the signal”. But I believe that the concept of signal ends at the loudspeaker transducer. While in the air, the acoustic wave no longer is the signal. I can say that with authority because I did a lot of extensive evaluation during the Blackbody development using headphones. I have yet to hear from anyone in the world whether the Frank Tchang stuff works or does anything for people who listen through headphones. I suggest you write an article about this. It would address all the missing links which have not yet been spoken of—or at least not to my knowledge—regarding these weird ‘resonance’ things


Obvious really.


If the device is unpowered (passive) then converting noise into something which is not noise sounds like breaking the second law of thermodynamics. Quite a lot hangs on the second law (the heat death of the universe, for example) so if he’s found a way round that then I’d really like to know what it is.



From the same site.


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Sold already.


I’m beginning to think this guy is on an elaborate troll…

It was certainly different now. First of all, things quieted down. The noise floor, which was already unnoticeable, dropped enough to make me notice it had dropped some more.


Hardly elaborate





If it can postpone that, @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi may be able to listen to a whole album.