Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)

Is that Julian assange?


Never mind. I’m happy.



The QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer (Nordost)

“The QPOINT is the latest development in QRT technology. The QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer emits a subtle field which manipulates all electromechanical resonances within its immediate proximity so that they resonate in unison with each other. In order to accommodate its effects to all of the various electronics in the industry, including but not limited to solid state or tube amplifiers, digital or analog source components, traditional line stages or modern digital processors, and even to tailor results to the personal preferences of the user, the QPOINT has been designed with two modes. Mode I and II each generate unique resonances, which emphasize different musical characteristics as they lower the noise floor. Users can switch from Mode I to Mode II instantaneously to evaluate which sonic properties fit the needs of each unique electronic device in their hi-fi system.”

“Nordost’s QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer ensures your electronics are all working in concert, in order to enhance the coherency, articulation, and musical structure of your system.”

Suggested retail price: $749.99 USD


Was looking at that in Munich along with their static detection meter


is that for working how far the static caravan is?

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There was some serious shit at Munich. I would have taken pics, but I was slightly more interested in seeing and listening to the real stuff.


Jet lag has foiled your reasoning sir!
Ion Schumann men know the secret

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This arrived today. I’m impressed. The quality seems very good (typical German). Seems to improve the sound and hopefully the life of cartridges.

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How much? :thinking:




Are you purchasing stealth foo because Mrs. clap has forbidden actual upgrades?


I did baulk at the cost. I did get it slightly cheaper (£112).

Second hand Audio Technica ones go for about £60 and are ancient.

An Onzow zero dust is £30, vinyl passion £22 (I’ve got one). :rofl:

This has 3 yr warranty and I hope will sort of pay for itself with added stylus longevity. The idea of such a cleaner makes a lot of sense to me. Looking after an expensive cartridge must be sensible.

I can’t really justify major upgrades at the moment. I’m really only after bigger/ better speakers and will bide my time. A new dac has been on my mind but I’m not willing to spend £2k on a relatively minor upgrade.

This got me :nerd_face:

The good news is that I have two Hashimoto HM7s here ready / needing to be made up. That’s pencilled in for next month.

Plus, I have a Moerch UP4 to go on instead of my Jelco derivative (which will hopefully also cure my hum).


Very nice