Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)





No-one does foo like MAchinaDynamica - though they could be more expensive…


Ive just bought some of these for the fish tank


Oh, and the “mind blowing auditory experience”.


Having seen the Tourmaline Ion Gun I am swinging back towards knowing parody rather then self believing foo merchants.


That mob are just having a feckin Giraffe. Charlatans of the highest order !


I would just like to say that I own nothing by them.


This guy is absolutely bonkers…


No idea what he is taking but here’s one of his explanations about the “rocks”

There is a giant monster who is eating humans, he says “throwing rocks on the people doesn’t make a difference to my hunger”. But in the end there are no humans left to eat, because the monster killed them all with the rocks. Something may not make any sense currently but it makes perfect sense in the future when you have greater understanding of the subject.


I’m sure these have a legit use involving female singers, spotlights and mic cables but still hard to get past the name, really



Hope you’ve told Father Christmas Bob?


Is this what ‘dressing your cables’ means?


I thought dressing was just a matter of to the left or right?



The creator of these incredible audiophile advances is : Kamilla Liljegren who is also an exceptional artist - I have been deeply moved by the artists rendering of Mary and Jesus with Guinea pig. The symbolism and composition distill love and compassion


email sent to Tyrone - His enthusiasm for anti smoking (I’m hoping) may extend to foo


I would buy Tyrone a pint, but I have a feeling I know how that scenario is gonna go down…



There are seven removable stainless steel springs support down two “sandwich” boards, and efficient damping. Plump thick warm timbre, cures chilled tight, missing the taste system; increase in low-frequency energy, while maintaining the original rich detail, Quality of Sound effect!



tell me, are the tannins more pronounced one it has breathed for an hour or so?


Bet one of @coco’s constructions would insta-flatten the flavour of the sound those springy things produce (or don’t produce more like)


OMFG! Zebedee! What have they done to you?! :flushed: