Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Notice the name of the retailer - “Mongkok World” :joy:


Must say, I do like the branding on these…

Ordered a set to go under the bed :+1:


One thrust sets them off for the next nine weeks. :+1:


I might get a set for work and attach them to the loo seat in the ground floor gents. Let’s see if we can’t punish ‘The Phantom Logger’ for his fiendish and unpleasant surprises by catapulting the fucker from trap no 1 into trap no 2 when he least expects it.


Not expensive enough - Townshend has the right idea.



That ad is pure comedy gold. Even improves your tea ceremony. I might get one to put under the box of tea bags. TyFoo tea…:worried:

Hat/coat deployed…


Theta waves? So the Church of Scientology is moving into the foo market?

I have GOT to have me a piece of that action!



Indeed. He invites you to look up what a Schumann Resonance is. If/when you do you discover that it’s a resonance of the entire earth’s ionosphere. Since it’s a resonance then by definition it’s global, not local. So all it takes is for someone somewhere to be operating one of these things and all 7 billion of us will feel the benefit equally (7.83Hz is the fundamental mode frequency and without higher-order modes you can’t construct a locally peaked field distribution). The ad says ‘9 sold’. So that’s one person who’s doing us all a power of good and eight who needn’t have bothered.



But, but I’ve read a review


Reviewer: Stephæn

Dude’s wearing a dipthong = this man is a god among reviewers.

Just ordered 3 :+1:

UPDATE: the AWESOME in this review is off the scale -

The EarthCalm system, it should be noted … does much more than electronically generate the SR. It utilizes the principles of cyclotronic resonance and scalar resonance, too. This combination of approaches impacted all the humans in our residence as well as Kyli, our Australian Shepherd [dog]

Honestly, I’m wanking like a petshop monkey reading this - just ordered an extra ten :+1:


I thought that you had to sit down to take a leak these days?


Proper cable lifters…



Only £300 each,i was sceptical until i read this



Scalar resonance ? Last time I looked the electromagnetic field was not a scalar field but a vector field https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_field#Difference_between_scalar_and_vector_field. And if the ionosphere is genuinely anisotropic then we’re going to need to wheel out full tensor calculus to handle it. This guy is clearly an amatᵫr.




Everything you wanted from Santa’s Foo Dept, all in one sac… So much jizz, all in one list. I’m going to get an Audio Machina V8 because reasons. Some of the other stuff is really great too :unamused::unamused:


Imma go ahead and pretend I have a clue about any of this schizzle…

But I do LURVE me sum cable lifters - indeed, I am a notorious cable-lifter myself…




Ahh, but would they do the same thing? I’m off to Halfords…:grinning:


Will this help alleviate my constipation more effectively than 2 jars of figs taken daily?
Thanks Nobsound. In an otherwise crazy world, I knew I could count on you.