Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)

My chosen trade is acoustics engineer :grin:

The amps do give good stereo illusion, it just isnt really on my list of key attributes.

I also suspect i am quite sensitive to phase anomalies around speaker crossover points, from room correction, fancy dsp tricks etc and find them all really unpleasant and unnatural, so a fancy box which says that is exactly what it does really isnt up my strasse

Ironically one way you can be sure phase anomalies are present is anomalous soundstaging… Thing is (setting aside personal preferences) I don’t disagree with your observations, indeed I’ve yet to hear any so-called sonic enhancer, DSP, room correction, &c, &c, which didn’t thieve more than it improved. The closest to useful and acceptable that I’ve heard was the Dynavector SS - which certainly improved the experience when used with cheap hifi systems, but I’d suspect that wouldn’t be true if used with better-engineered equipment.

As for the kit under discussion - I’d like to hear it, but if I had 30-50 grand burning a hole in my pocket, every penny would go on better speakers…

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Tone and an effortlessness allowing music to flow are high up my list too, 50% or more of my collection is Mono. Clarity without placement / separation and scale in Stereo is a little more tricky?

That’s me completely as well.

I feel there are some interesting parallels between your chosen profession and mine in that regard. I very rarely have much inclination to eat much of the food I make professionally for sure. Give me good sausages or a dirty kebab over fillet steak any day.

Clarity and seperation tend to go hand in hand. One of the reasons i star earth and star supply everything is it really adds to clarity, depth and width of soundstage, as well as helping with the noise floor.

Natural scale is trickier, many valve amps achieve it by going soft and mushy, and many SS amp and high end speakers just dont, they chase the detail monkey down so far the weight and scale are shed unless the wick is turned right up, or too much bass is added to thicken things up.

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Not sure that’s a valid comparison - do you not largely lack a smell-based sense of taste? That would be akin to an almost-deaf acoustics engineer. In audio engineering that would inevitably lead to compulsive measurbation…

Personal preferences are always valid in subjective exercises undertaken for one’s own benefit, but can have limited wider value.

The first time I met someone deeply infatuated with the sound of grandad’s radiogram taught me that lesson hard: warm, fuzzy, vague, missing treble, missing bass, cuppy midrange, detail smoooooved away to nothing…

…and wanting even MOAR! of the same… <<<shuddersome!>>>

Luckily, that species is the minority, albeit Van den Hul cleverly cater for them with those high-impedance carbon interconnects they make.

I find a lot of speakers at shows overly detailed,sounding synthetic to my ears.

Should add my ears are not great

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Rally driving /cage fighter springs to mind.

That’s a different thing again (and yes, smell is still non-existent). It was more that for me, I eat umami for enjoyment, and everything else for nutritional necessity. Most people prefer a rather more balanced plate of food even from a purely enjoyment perspective.

TESLA is a powerful variator of electromagnetic waves generated by passage of current in any electrical connection cable.

TESLA is a revolutionary innovative cable holder that acts externally on the electric cables connecting electronics, speakers, power supply etc… Without compromising quality of the current passage in the cables.

TESLA has adjustable golden spiral slots, rotating them varies the emission of the upper magnetic field. Each variation of the golden spiral leads to a variation of the sound in real time.



Prices seem overwhelmingly cheap. No way can I trust this.


They will not sell the Harmonic Stabilizer.
A crushing blow, I am distraught, completely inconsolable.


Despite the fact that it is not Wednesday, I feel an overwhelming desire to have my golden spiral varied. I am unsure if I want this done in real time though. Perhaps it could be organised on a random time basis. Fuck You Real Time (and the calendar you rode into town on)!


One of these for the listening room and you can spiral goldenly to your heart’s content.

Although this may be more applicable.

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