Fake Manufacturers Straplines

How about;

ProAc - For People Who Don’t Like Excitement

How about “NVA, come home to a real fire” :sunglasses:


Proac - Hifi Prozac

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Linn - sister company of IKEA.

Technics, makers of potter’s wheels since 1973.

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Krell - Yes, I am compensating.


Naim - Because You Can’t Stop At One.

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Focal - eardrums are overrated.

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Steepletone - you’ll never buy again

Castle - Nice Wood

Cyrus - wallpaper stripper

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Bel Canto - Just Nice Boxes

Audio Note. Does what it says on the (biscuit) tin…

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Martin Logan’s run!

Naim - because there was a time when you thought it sounded good

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Kenwood - better at food mixers to be honest

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Schitt Audio - Yes it really is.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually heard or seen any.

AN UK - We like the colour of your money

Linn - broken unless you upgrade it

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